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Returning from ML pregnant - when to disclose

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cakebar Sun 13-Jan-13 20:53:59


I have been in this situation. I told the employer I was pregnant very early (before my return). The reason being that I would otherwise have been given a team to line manage and for various reasons I felt it was not fair to that team to have a manager that started and then disappeared. I was instead given a meaty project to manage and really enjoyed it. I also intended to ask for a career break after dc2 so wanted to keep in their good books.

Not sure what I would do in your shoes. How do you think they will react? It is really early days at the moment. If you intend to return after DC2 then I don't think I would tell them as you would want to return to a decent role after your maternity leave.

nextphase Sun 13-Jan-13 20:45:07


Given your past history, I think you need to wait a few weeks. They want to give you the job because your the best for it. Is pregnancy likely to change your ability to do the role when your there?

The lady at ours raised eyebrows when she owned up to 2nd pregnancy at 24 weeks...

I'd let them know around 12 weeks, or shortly afterwards if the job isn't sorted til then - thats what you'd be doing if you weren't currently on ML?

happyfrogger Sun 13-Jan-13 15:29:06

I've seen a few threads on this and probably hugely tempting fate / jumping the gun. Have a 9mo and planning to return when she is 11 months. Also just got a BFP today (due on today) and having some spotting, so could come to nothing, I have had several early miscarriages / pregnancies not take so trying to play it cool for a month or so until I can be sure!

I'm meeting with my employer in a couple of weeks to discuss my return to work plan. They are a large multinational and I'm unsure whether to disclose this, given that it's very early. I have a good relationship with my company and don't want to be deceitful when we are discussing my role (which due to a rapidly growing company will inevitably be quite different, not just slotting back in) - knowing that it may only be for 5 ish months. I feel it is unfair of me to go in and give the impression that I'm all fired up for a long contract knowing that in reality it may be short.

In reality, disclosing would likely change the role they craft out for me. Which may be altogether realistic. But I'm just not sure if I would be shooting myself in the foot when I'm able to return and do a great job in a company I know well and love, doing something 'meaty' for a short period of time. Equally don't want to look like I've set them up unfairly to have to do an unexpected cover/handover. My role is mid-management. Arg, in a quandary. What would you do?

I simply want to what is right, fair and appropriate to myself and the company I respect.

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