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Part-time to Full-time - what age were your kids?

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musicalfamily Sat 12-Jan-13 13:28:36

redskyatnight good luck, it sounds it's going well - we also have flexible jobs, thank goodness!!!

I know what you mean about logistical nightmares, next year I will have 4 children in 3 different schools for one whole year....fortunately the year after it will be 4 children in two different schools!!!!! I am sure we'll get used to it.

I will try and revive this thread after I have started (April 1st) and share how it's all going. I am definitely getting a cleaner!!

redskyatnight Sat 12-Jan-13 12:24:13

My DC are 8 and 6 (Y4 and Y2) and I have recently started a f/t job after previously working p/t. (was made redundant from p/t job). We have been fortunate in that both DH and I can work flexibly so that (slightly) cuts down the amount of childcare we need.

So far it is working out. In some ways it is easier than p/t as you have so much less time you have to be organised. The DC seem to enjoy the time at after school clubs and have relished being given extra responsibilties.

Biggest downside for me is that they are currently at separate infants and juniors schools so a bit of a logistics headache. I suspect the "ideal" would have been to go back f/t when the youngest was in Y3 (both in the same place, longer school day, less expectation that parents are available during school day, old enough to take on some responsibilities for themselves etc).

To OP - hope it works out for you - maybe we should all post back in a couple of months!

musicalfamily Fri 11-Jan-13 16:43:58

Just wanted to update to say that I have taken the plunge and applied to return back to full time from 1st of April with additional 5 weeks leave.
My boss seemed quite supportive, fingers crossed HR is keen and sign it off!

I feel positive about this move, let's hope it works out!!!

lljkk Wed 09-Jan-13 14:43:35

Interested in similar!
I am thinking I will go from 100% SAHM to working FT (ordinary FT, hopefully, just 37 hours/week, not 50+). Plus 10 hours of commuting/week.
4 weeks unpaid leave sounds good. I am thinking I will work 1-2 weekend days/month to cover sickness days.

musicalfamily Wed 09-Jan-13 13:55:48

I have 4 children, youngest 3, eldest 8. 3 at school one at nursery. I work 3 days a week, mostly from home in a professional capacity.

I am thinking of going back to work full time and asking for an additional 4 weeks' (unpaid) holiday, which my employer might go for, so that I have more backup in case of illness, holidays, school plays or just a day off to sort out the house!!!

My question to you is: what ages were your children when you took the plunge and went from part-time to full-time? Did it work out?

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