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Cutting Hours?

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Beamur Fri 11-Jan-13 21:21:25

By personal life I didn't just mean the fun stuff! grin
I'm no expert on HR matters, but I suppose you are the best judge of the 'ethos' of the company. Some places are more family friendly than others.
This site might be worth a look for some ideas of what you are legally entitled to ask for.

missnix Wed 09-Jan-13 14:59:36

As a very new small company i was one of 2 new starters both full time. Since i started new people have started and we are expanding but we are a little company with no set rules and hr lol. My manager is a mum her self so im sure she would understand but i dont know how to approach it or if it would be a good idea as no mention of new contracts yet.

fitting personal life in isnt as important as getting the washing done, cooking meals for us all and nursery, shopping all the house hold stuff basically and then time for me and OH which is non existent.

I do like the 3 days over 4 idea. I need to discuss with my OH as he doesnt seem to like the idea (we struggled for so long on just his wage i think he now likes the money) and says he will do more in the house but i know deep down he wont.

Beamur Wed 09-Jan-13 13:10:29

Does your employer have any policies around asking to job share or reducing your hours?
I'm lucky in that where I work, both of these options are available, with no stigma attached to requesting it. A request can be refused though if it is not operationally feasible.
I'd check with your HR department to see what your firm allows for and base your decision on that.
Are you coping with work, but finding it hard to fit in a personal life too?
When I went back to work after having my DD, I went down to 3 days worth of hours, but spread over 4 days so I am only absent from work one day a week but work shorter days on the others. This has been a good compromise for me and my employer.

missnix Wed 09-Jan-13 13:04:41

This is my first post. so hello to all!

My son is now 18 months and i struggled for 10 months to find a new job after my maternity finished. Thankfully i found one as i was about to give up hope but now im thinking that full time just doesnt fit after 3 months of running about trying to drop my son off get to work pick him up housework cook etc etc (im sure you have all been there.) The thing is im not a natural organiser and i am struggeling. I was thinking of dropping my hours at work to 3 days which will help so much but im worried my bosses will think bad of me and we cant afford for me not to work if they think im not coping and then dont renew my temp contract (3 months before a perm one) has any body else been in this situ and can give me a bit of advice please?

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