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To go part time or not...

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13Iggis Wed 09-Jan-13 22:18:56

Hi, I've gone part-time as a teacher, used the flexible working rules so it is a temporary situation, so yes it can affect your classes etc but I know it's not forever. I found it would be easy to be (or to feel) marginalised but it partly depends on how well-established you were before, iyswim.
I've never heard of having days off but different ones each week. Are you sure that is enforceable? Do all part-time staff at your school do that? What about ones who work elsewhere on the other days? Sounds crazy.
Is there a reason why it needs to be 2 days at work or 9/10? I have worked 3, which I think is a good amount, though now with dc2 I want to drop to 2.
Regarding the childcare... I would certainly not drop the day of your DH having sole care of the children, I think that is the most important. What about the GPs having them for a day a fortnight, instead of weekly? (or they could take a child each!) The nursery hours can also be in the form of a 2.5 hour daily nursery class, that whoever is minding the older child would take them to each day.

louloutheshamed Mon 07-Jan-13 17:36:18


louloutheshamed Sun 06-Jan-13 19:30:19

Sorry meant pt down to 4 days
Not 2!!!

louloutheshamed Sun 06-Jan-13 19:29:45

Ok here is my dilemma.

Currently am full time teacher with ds aged 2. He goes to nursery x2 days, gps x2 days and 1 day with dh.

I am in vvvvv early stages of of with dc 2 and this has prompted me to consider my options after my second mat leave.

I could go pt, but probably only down to 2 days.

This would give me some more time with my dcs and just take the pressure off a little bit as work is v intense, and it would make it easier of I was around to possibly do appts, etc.

We could afford the drop in pay.

However, there are disadvantages.

In my school pt staff are often marginalised, don't have their own classroom, don't teach a level, don't have the same status as ft staff. Which may bother me, but may not.

Also we have a two week timetable so
No guarantee of the same day off each week- so potential problems with childcare.

The other thing is I don't k ow which of the days ds would 'drop' iykwim to sped with me. I day at nursery would be the obvious one as I would be getting paid less but not long after that he would get his 15 hours anyway? He has
One day with each set of gps which they all love so not sure hey would want to drop that (although would need to check with them about having 2 dc!!) and dh loves his day with ds.

I could only put the 2nd dc into nursery one day but his seems unfair and imbalanced as ds has gone for 2??

Or the alternative is to go .9 and have one day off every fortnight and alternate that day with dh (self employed).

Any suggestions as to how I figure this out??

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