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Anyone in the UK music industry?

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fraktion Thu 03-Jan-13 23:21:21

I've been offered a potentially fantastic opportunity related to this industry but I don't know anything about it first hand. It seems to be a lot of late nights, travel, breaking into established circles etc and a heck of a lot of research if you've never worked in it before.

DS is 20mo, DH has a demanding job and travels frequently, childcare is currently nursery plus au pair to cover drop-off/pickup when I can't and evening childcare.

I'd really appreciate some first hand advice/experience even if it's 'out of date'.

PenguinBear Fri 04-Jan-13 07:11:35

Depending on the eppportunity, I would probably for it. These days, there Is a lot more social media involved in everything e.g. Twitter/Facebook etc. Your management will be very keen to 'push' whatever image of you it is that they want to portray.

Be prepared for your life to not feel like your own, but again, this depends on the opportunity.

fraktion Fri 04-Jan-13 09:10:12

It's not actually me that would be managed. I'm the management side (communications) but my current sector is much nicer and very family friendly. Music seems a bit cut throat, but at the same time quite exciting, and this person trusts me not to push them into being something they aren't which is why I've been offered the opportunity. It just isn't an area I know at all and I can't really call up people who do work in industry to ask them what it's like because they would laugh at me.

niceupthedance Fri 04-Jan-13 09:25:24

I loved it for 15 years, but got out when I had DS. Or rather, I was managed out because I had DS. I wouldn't go back to it now, but it depends if you want a challenge I suppose? I found the industry cliquey and sexist. I don't have the extra energy for that now - or the late nights.

JoeWinter1978 Wed 22-May-13 13:09:43

Sorry a little late to this thread - but I was in the industry as an artist for around 5 years. I would agree that it can be very cliquey and I don't have the extra energy with 2 kids now either. I still write music and am quite excited by what opportunities are available through social media now for doing it more completely on your own terms.

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