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What hours/ pattern of working did you choose when you returned to work?

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chanie44 Mon 24-Dec-12 14:59:03

I work full time and have a longish commute as I work in central london.

I went back after mat leave working mon-fri but changed to a 9 day fortnight about a year later - it means I have a day off every other week to spend with my children. However, it is hellish having to get up at 530am and means I'm in bed by about 9pm. Ideally I would like to work 5 days in 4 but because of the nursery shutting at 6, it wouldn't work as I pick the children up. I may look into this in a few years once the children are at school.

HoleyGhost Sat 22-Dec-12 09:57:41

I work full time hours - means I am more likely to be promoted and it is easier to organise household. Has worked well and I will stay working FT after mat leave for next DC

lljkk Sat 22-Dec-12 09:29:07

Depends on the baby... DC1: I went back after 6 months and worked 40-80% (20-30 hrs/week). DC2 & DC3 I was back after 3 months & at just 40%.

Most people find that they would rather work say 4 full days rather than spread out those 30 hours over 5 days. I am looking at trying to work 20 hours over 5 days now, though, to minimise the childcare costs in term time.

StrawberryMojito Fri 21-Dec-12 14:07:27

I work Monday to Thursday 8-4. Ideally, I would work mon-wed 8-4 but couldn't afford it. I like being back at work and having an income again. Many of my 'mummy' friends also have Fridays off which makes it easier to catch up. Weekends are great for family time but I love my one on one days with DS on a Friday. It works for us and DS loves nursery, although he has been permanently poorly with colds, coughs, bugs etc since starting.

TheSurgeonsMate Fri 21-Dec-12 13:59:40

I am self-employed. My chosen system is to try not to work on Monday, as that is a day that is quiet in my profession. Turns out it's also a bit quiet domestically - some things I would take dd to aren't open on a Monday. Quite a few of my friends meet up on a Friday for child related things. Monday, not so much. Worth thinking about.

C0smos Fri 21-Dec-12 13:53:34

4 days a week, I take Fridays off. Works great for me, Fridays are a slightly slower day as clients tend not to schedule meetings etc. I try and get all the washing, shopping etc done on a Friday so that leaves the weekend free for family time. I like having 3 days off in a row feels like a proper.

My DH definitely doesn't treat me like a low paid skivvy, if he did he wouldn't be my DH for much longer

Xenia Fri 21-Dec-12 13:37:32

I took 2 weeks of annual leave to give birth and went back full time. Works very well. IT is much much easier working full time as your spouse does not treat you like a low earning domestic servant and the baby gets used to its nanny, child minder, nursery and your income is unaffected and you can continue upwards to a stellar career. It is best for babies too. I expressed breast milk at work.

knittingajumper Fri 21-Dec-12 13:04:42

I am due to return to work in february after a year of maternity leave and plan to reduce my hours. I don't want to reduce them too much so thought about either 30 or 32 from full time which is 37.

Does anyone have any thoughts? What hours/ days did you choose to make life easier when you went back. Did they work out and what would you have changed?

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