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On mat leave, redundant, about to be offered new job, have 17week old and preggers again....

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Eddiethehorse Sun 16-Dec-12 18:47:47

Please help me...I'm on mat leave but have in that time been made redundant (I'm not in the uk), I have a 17 week old baby and have just found out I'm 6weeks pregnant. Firstly, the pregnancy:if I hadn't been made redundant I think myself and DH would have thought, it's not ideal but we will go for it and deal with it. Without me working a second baby would be very difficult, coupled with the fact that DH is not overly keen but 'will support any decision I make'. Last week I was interviewed for a job which seems pretty good, however, I am terrified of living DD at home with the nanny and also don't know how I feel about joining and then 2 months or so down the line saying 'I'm pregnant but had no idea'. I have no idea how this will be received and am scared about doing it. Additionally, i would like to ask about WFH but don't know when to do that -offer stage, after I have started? I'm so confused about everything...if I don't take the job then we may have to look at a termination, if I do take it will DD suffer? I may be fired after a few months for being pregnant....I just do not know what to do......

Madbusy Sun 16-Dec-12 22:59:15

I believe in fate and that things happen for a reason - grab every opportunity that is thrown at you in life and run with it - dont question it too much. I'd keep the baby, take the job offer and deal with any fall out when /if it happens - you can't second guess what your new employers might or might not do - go with the flow. Good luck x

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