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What to do... Making long term plans...

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DorsetKnobwithJingleBellsOn Sun 23-Dec-12 19:44:44

You could maybe train as a Doula alongside the BF counsellor.

RillaBlythe Sun 23-Dec-12 19:42:20

Not sure what you mean about residential training tbh - you do 3 (shortly to be 4) years of placements but you don't live in hospital. It doesn't sound like it is a fit for you for other reasons anyway.

You can also train through association of breastfeeding mothers.

housesalehelp Sun 23-Dec-12 15:01:33

you can train I think with NCT as a breast feeding counseller

or what about doing OU degree

BeyondStuffedWithXmassyGoodies Sat 22-Dec-12 13:14:30

Sorry, I meant the residency, following the degree, that is required for a GP isnt it?

From having a quick look online, I'm quite interested in training as a lactation consultant, it seems that although most are already doctors/nurses/midwives, it is possible to train from scratch.

RillaBlythe Sat 22-Dec-12 11:11:43

What residential training to be a GP?

Sounds like breastfeeding counsellor might work for you? It's quite a slow route into it with lots of volunteering & not many paid jobs at the end.

Have you looked at all allied health professionals jobs? Try throw NHS website. Am on phone so can't link.

BeyondStuffedWithXmassyGoodies Sat 22-Dec-12 11:01:27

Bump smile

BeyondStuffedWithXmassyGoodies Sun 16-Dec-12 12:48:54

I'm currently a SAHM to two DSs, DS1 is 2.2 and DS2 is 8m. We are not in a financial position where I have to work, however I'm starting to think about what I want to do long term, and wondered if anyone had any thoughts as my brain isn't functioning at full potential atm grin

To give a quick short history, I have A levels in biology, chemistry, psychology and business, no degree as I got distracted on my gap year (had a place to read forensic science, instead me and exP bought a house!), worked in a restaurant as a supervisor, did regional admin for them, admin for an IT company, then a recruitment agency

The trouble is, right now I know there is a lot I know I cant do, as I've been diagnosed with arthritis which is somewhat disabling sad if I'm lucky it wont get any worse, but its unlikely it'll get any better long term. I also suffer with long term depression (I think having a long term goal will help with this, I feel like I've been drifting for a while)

I did think about training as a GP recently, however I'm sure I could manage the work at the end, but the residential training would be impossible, so thats gone out the window sad

I start BF peer supporter training next month, so am considering some sort of counselling role. Something to do with helping people, maybe something sciencey as I enjoy science...

Ideal job would have me working from home, so I dont have to call in sick if I cant move but I'm sure a lot of people say that... On top of my health probs, DH is a shift worker so I'll also possibly only be available for weird days/hours, making WOH more difficult until the DSs start school at least.

It's a long term aim to do something so I'm happy to take time training.

DS1 starts nursery (welsh flying start programme) next month, so I'm hoping to think of something constructive to do with the new almost free time

Help? smile

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