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Working away from home during week

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BJZebra Sat 15-Dec-12 09:44:01

Thankyou, that makes me feel better. Fundamentally I think it's guilt I'm feeling - between being a bad mother for not being there and the need to provide and looking after my own career interests
Also, being cut off from what I was used to in a different country and a new born - not sure I can trust all my judgements. X

lechatnoir Fri 14-Dec-12 23:58:31

I didn't go away during the week but commuted & had such long hours I said goodnight on a Sunday & didn't see my (then only) son until Friday morning as I did 4 long days. I won't lie it was tough but he was fine & certainly didn't ever forget who I was. He was quite clingy particularly my first day at home & I wouldn't want to do it indefinitely but for the short period you're looking at & having your dp there, I say go for it.

BJZebra Fri 14-Dec-12 16:35:47

Is anybody in or has been in a situation where they will work away from home for some of the week leaving DD or DS at home with DP?
I'm going back to work after over a year of maternity leave in February, but for convoluted reasons I will be travelling to UK and leaving DD and DP in Spain for 4 nights a week - until April when we will all be together in UK thankfully.
We really need my wage again now and I need to get back to ensure I retain my position, but am terrified of leaving DD for 4 nights a week, even though it will be only for about 8 weeks. I'm going to miss her so much and am worried she'll forget who I am or wont need me.
Can anyone relate at all?

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