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4 day week vs 1 day off every other week vs 10 weeks holiday

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Mandy21 Sat 08-Dec-12 22:32:38

If it doesn't impact on your job (I.e all 3 options are viable) I'd go for Option 1 if you have children in nursery, Option 3 once they get to school. I'd be surprised if you could find a nursery to allow you to pay for childcare as set out in Option 2, and as others have said, awkward for children to keep up with whether they're in or not. If you use a private nursery you'll be paying for full time care throughout the year even though you have 10wks hols.

housesalehelp Sat 08-Dec-12 14:35:24

Opition 1 if you can get it
I do opition 2 with condensed hours so get paid 5 days for essentialy 4 days childcare - but have a fair bit of flexiablity in my child care - would you?
Opition 3 for preschoolers not good - a good routine is better I think - -agree for school age could be good - although if at all possible you want to be fit a coupel of drop offs and pick up in my view -

orangeberries Fri 07-Dec-12 15:35:05

It depends how old your children are and how flexible your employer is.

When your children are not at school I would go for option 1.
When your children start school I would go for option 3 - definitely - this would help covering school holidays etc

If you could go for option 1 until your children are at school and then swap to option 3 that would be ideal in my opinion.

nikosmum2010 Fri 07-Dec-12 11:47:34

I'm just thinking of my options when I return back to work as I want to spend more time with my pre-school kids. What do you think will be better out of these 3 options (still need to get employer to agree)

Option 1) 4 day week
Option 2) 1 day off every 2 weeks (say Friday)
Option 3) 10 weeks holiday/yr which would be taken every 3 months in blocks of 2 - 3 weeks


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