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redundancy/ restructure - mat leave when does protection end...

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flowery Thu 29-Nov-12 13:08:10

You have some protection while on maternity leave, in that if your role is redundant and there is a suitable alternative available, you must be offered it.

The protection applies if your role actually is redundant while you are still on maternity leave (not on annual leave).

HulainHawaii Wed 28-Nov-12 12:32:38

Hello all,

My department are due to be restructured and notice of redundancies are to be issued.

So....i understand that i'm protected whilst i'm on maternity leave but when does that protection end? If the restructure isn't complete by the time i go back to work am i still protected or do i go in the pool with everyone else? The last restructure took nearly 6 months to complete.

Also I'm owed annual leave - i was planning to take at the end of my mat leave e.g. 10 months mat leave, 2 months annual leave. I assume that if i'm on annual leave then i'm back on payroll so no longer protected?

Hope that makes sense!

Any ideas?

Many thanks in advance!

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