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tomorrow is the dreaded day.......

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mamawharton Sun 18-Nov-12 19:09:48

first day back at work tomorrow after 9 months mat leave and its as if my dd knows!!!! has not left my side all day and now will not finish her bed time feed!! really nervous about going back...... new position, new software system, new phone system and new desk!! just wondered how other mums first days back had gone...... x

Portofino Sun 18-Nov-12 19:12:55

It will be fine - strange - but fine. You will miss her, and it will take a couple of weeks to settle back.

SoulTrain Sun 18-Nov-12 19:15:26

The first week will be tough, for both of you. It's a new routine to get used to but you will get there. I cried and cried and cried the first week, BUT after a couple of weeks it felt nice to be back. You'll be fine, honestly you really will. Where is your DD going? Are you back FT or PT?

reddaisy Sun 18-Nov-12 19:18:44

I went back in September after having DS, who was my DC2. I cried the first time I dropped him off and I didn't even know I was going to do that, it was just the end of an era. But to be honest I love being back at work. I love my job (on the whole) and I am happier and more content in myself now I am not just changing nappies and desperately trying to get DS to have a nap (he is a terrible sleeper.)
Best of luck in your new job and it will be fine, just be very, very organised to make it easier on yourself. Lay everyone's clothes out the night before, keep on top of the washing etc so you don't run out of clothes and deal with paperwork as it comes in, meal plan etc and batch cook. Good luck, I love it now and really relish the weekends!

mamawharton Sun 18-Nov-12 20:41:43

ah thanks mummies! doing 4 days a week and mom and mil are splitting the time between them. daddy is dropping dd off in the mornings to spare the tears but i have a feeling they may still come anyway. your right though end of an era. just packed all the bags for tomorrow and clothes are now laid out and ready to go. i must say though..... im looking forward to a cup of tea that hasn't gone cold x

CurlyBoo Mon 19-Nov-12 14:52:05

Today is my first day back after 13 months mat leave with DD1. I hated my job before I left & hate it even more now I'm back. Work in an office with all men, none of whom asked how I am or how my baby is, just got a quick 'hi' when I walked in - cant log on to my pc because system is new and no one knows password, my maternity cover has already left so I had no handover & the rest of my office have gone out for a catch up lunch but I wasn't invited. And on top of that I have had to leave my baby girl (just turned one) in a nursery and she spent the entire 2 days settling in crying and it is breaking my heart.
So I hope your first day back went better than mine is.

Haruspex Tue 20-Nov-12 15:13:04

Hi there - this is my first ever MN post, but I felt I had to add in my voice. I started back ft yesterday after 10 months' leave (DS is 9 and a bit months). Reddaisy - what you said struck a chord as DD is an appalling daytime sleeper. I used to be so envious of my friends whose babies had set naps.

It's nice having my hands to myself and time to choose a lunch that doesn't involve stale bread, leftover babyfood and digestive biscuits, but I'm missing my little girl soooo much!

How did you get on mamawharton? Curlyboo - I really feel for you - working in a male-dominated office is awful, and that your colleagues show so little regard for what you're going through. How did you both manage the evenings? I'm really lucky that my parents are helping out with DD four days a week (though I feel so guilty as she's exhuasting.. I am paying them though), and she's in nursery one day a week. I spent about 45 minutes with her in total yesterday, and it just felt wrong. I suppose I'll get used to it... I haven't really sorted our my work wardrobe - I've exploded since having DD so can't fit into any of my trousers or skirts so it's all a bit make-do-and-mend at the moment.

Sorry to waffle, just thought I'd chip in to say I feel for you!

mamawharton Tue 20-Nov-12 20:45:28

well day 1 was awful..... very similar to curlyboo- no one really cared!! didn't ask how i was or how dd was getting on. they hadn't even got my desk ready.... broken chair, old pc that didn't have the new systems on, no phone line, not even a pen and my boss didn't even make an appearance until after 3 and because we too have had new systems all i could do was everyone's filing! not very fun. i found i couldn't sit still for long, up and down like a yoyo, i had to explain to my colleagues that i haven't really sat still for a while. today was a little better as the office no longer had Monday morning moody blues and the atmosphere was little lighter!! I've spent all day filing again, hopefully next week ( using holiday up for a few weeks ) ill actually use a computer!! i still see dd at lunch as im still bf (bottle refuser ) although im not sure if its better having to say goodbye twice but she was very happy the past 2 evenings just very very tired so going to bed a little early! hope everyone is doing ok x

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