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So my return to work after mat leave is going to be a total anticlimax...

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nm123 Thu 15-Nov-12 22:47:29

Going back part-time in a couple of weeks and just found out (by chance) that my team and boss are attending an offsite on my first day back and they've forgotten to tell me about it.

I'm going to be based at home, so I'll log on and, erm, have nothing to do. I can't even do my admin/IT stuff as I've done that already!

Can't decide if I'm pissed off about it or not? On one hand, it means I'll have a really dossy day. On the other hand, dossy isn't what I'm really about in terms of work, DD is being shipped off out for her first day of childcare what on earth will I do all day without her around if I'm not busy? and it's a total waste of time... I certainly don't expect them to arrange these things around me given that I've been off for a year and am fairly confident it's just an oversight rather than intentional, but feel like I should be at least invited so that I could either a) join them not that I specially want to traipse into London for the day or b) delay my return by a day.

I had been looking forward to starting back whilst also slightly anxious about DD starting nursery etc and feeling quite emotional that it's the end of an era (ie end of mat leave and hanging out with DD, being a lady what lunches etc etc) so I guess this is a sharp reminder that it's only work.... ride it out until DC2 comes along in a year or so, ride it out until DC2 comes along in a year or so, ride it out until DC2 comes along in a year or so.

And I'm far too stubborn to let on that I know about it to jog their memories grinwink!

ceeveebee Thu 15-Nov-12 22:52:03

If I was you I would just ask them if I can come, it will be a good reintroduction into the workplace.

I know how it feels returning from maternity leave and realising that actually my return to work isn't at the forefront of everyone else's mind - I had to remind my boss that I would need a desk and PC as he had not really thought about it ( there had been an office move). It's a really big day for us but just another day at the office to everyone else!

nm123 Thu 15-Nov-12 22:55:14

That's so true - it's just another day to them, but to me it is a big deal and I'm trying to reconcile the old employee I was with the new mother I've become!

Just frustrating that I won't be able to do anything, literally nothing as there won't be anyone around to ask what I need to know about what's changed!

nm123 Thu 15-Nov-12 22:57:23

Oh and I really don't want to go to the meeting, it's a review meeting / Christmas lunch with a supplier I don't deal with, and would be a big effort for me and I know - based on past experience with this supplier - I would come away feeling it was pointless.

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