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Crisis of confidence since returning to work

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crazybutterfly Sun 04-Nov-12 02:05:04

I have been back at work for 4 weeks following 53 weeks off (mat leave and annual leave). To my great suprise I am really enjoying work and I really look forward to my 3 days at work. My major problem is that I have lost confidence in ny abilities as a parent and I am really struggling particularly on thurs and fri when hubby works. This is really getting me down as i negotiated workibg part-time in order to ensure qualiry time wirh my ds 11months) but at the moment i dread those days and i feel so guilty :-(

I have had depression in the past and I am concerned that if this situation does not improve I will need to go back on anti-ds which I don't really want to do.

The key thing that i have lost confidence in is how to play with ds who has just started toddling holding onto our hands and is now just wanting to explote constanly. Ourhouse is rented and not easily bsby proofed so feel like im constantly trying to prevent him from hurting himself. This may improve as we have now cleared the nursery of all the crap that had got dumped there so now ds has a safe room in which he can play

But what do i do with him? Do i just let him explore on his own with me veing there is that enough. Up until going back to work i took a very

crazybutterfly Sun 04-Nov-12 02:09:44

Oops posted too soon led approach which worked well but now feel v ubsure of myself.

Did anyone else feel like this after goung back to work? Does anyone have any suggestions re play/ regaining my confidence?

Sorry for long post/typos

Loveleopardprint Sun 04-Nov-12 15:08:02

Can you find a play group or toddler group you could take him too? Might inspire you in the way that children play?

housesalehelp Sun 04-Nov-12 16:47:17

I thinks its a tricky age - they are not quite babies but not quite toddlers - and the constant into things is hard work -whether you are at work or not -
if you can do more baby proofing of your living room that would help - and I used to have one cupboard my DS could go into in the kichten which he loved - used empty every day for months
second toddler group - maybe at a local children centre - as they can have a good range of toys
or do you know any mums with same age children - can be good to meet up - and see what they are doing -
also do you have a good GP maybe having a chat about how you are feeling - and have you ever had CBT - when I start getting wobbly - had depression before - some of the excecise or approaches can help

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