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Wages subject during interview.... have i messed up?

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jaabaar Thu 01-Nov-12 11:56:07


I wrote this whole post before but couldnt find it posted???
Just in case someone sees double.... apologies...

Worked many years in one company, made redundand, looking for job, got one interview, called for second.

In first interview was asked how much I currently earn. I said the figure and was just going to continue to explain that it is a PACKAGE including benefits.
e.g. the figure I gave includes the value of the travel, insurance etc I get!
Before I can continue to explain the figure the interviewer said: Oh that is quite reasonable and continued talking.

so, NOW they think I was on this wage (which is 5000 higher than my current wage!) I was underpaid and the figure I gave is fair of what i want, but not the whole truth about how much I currently earn!!!

NOW, if they call my current company will they ask how much i was earning?
And can my boss say that I was getting that amount i gave them as wages?

I think I messed up......


housesalehelp Thu 01-Nov-12 20:19:57

I wouldn't worry too much - if you are offered the job - then see what salery you get offered - always see if there is room for negoation at the point - then when things are agreed just say just wanted to clariy that figure I gave was for the entire package - including travel etc

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