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Anyone work as Mental Health Nurse, occupational Therapist or Probation Officer?

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44SoStartingOver Fri 26-Oct-12 11:18:39

This is it. Time for a new career and hopefully one where I can earn a living wage.

I currently work in a role where I am massively over qualified (ooo get me!), not well paid but very, very convenient. Which used to matter a lot. Kids are now older, so I can be a bit more flexible.

I think retraining might be the way forward, so have taken a look at courses I can realistically get to, have qualifications to get on and can afford!

So, nuts and bolts time. Do you work in any of these roles? Would you recommend any of them as a career? I reckon I will need to study/work for the next 20-25 years, so I should try to mKe it matter, earn me a living and maybe even enjoy it!

Any one any experience to share?

Many thanks

44SoStartingOver Sat 27-Oct-12 17:36:15

Weekend bump!

seemego Mon 29-Oct-12 13:00:51

I have been a mental health nurse for 25 years. I have had a fantastic and very varied career from being a Ward Manager, rising up the ranks to giddy heights of Service Manager, worked both in NHS and in charitable sector, also in prisons. I am currently a Communiy Psychiatric Nurse (ds still at primary school, so need to have regularish hours but with the option to be flexible). It's a great career, but quite demanding and not all that well paid, lots of responsibility particularly if you case manage in the community. I also work with a lot of OT's and Probation Officers. Not sure I would personally work in Probation, but I have done a fair bit with mentally disordered offenders which is very interesting. You need to be good at managing your own workload and stress levels, be non judgemental and thoughtful.

I do finish work at the end of the week feeling like I have made a difference, albeit quite a small one sometimes. It has kept me stimulated, I now have a Masters in Clinical Interventions and have done some research and published. Occupational Therapy can be quite a similar role in community mental health but of course has wider options of client group (physical disability etc) and more of a focus on occupation.

Why not try a few days shadowing a CPN or OT? I'm biased, but yes, a great career!

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