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Problem career decision.

(4 Posts)
MoJo5 Tue 23-Oct-12 07:39:36

I have a dd (8) and a ds (4). Shortly after my ds was born I was made redundant from a very good job in the media. I found it extremely difficult to be ftm after having had a career in journalism. I tried very hard to try to get a job or part time job to fit in with my career and life however I had no luck and I got very despondent eventually turning to voluntary work to get peace of mind ( I enjoyed the voluntary work very much). My dh has a good job so I don't have to work but it is difficult after having had a career and studied to masters level to give that all up. I tried for 3 years to get work but nothing. In January this year I found out I was three months pregnant with my third child. It was unexpected and I had very mixed feelings especially as I had just turned 40 and was actively trying to prevent pregnancy. My beautiful dd is now almost three months old. The problem is last year I was networking to get work. Nothing happened. However all of a sudden through a contact three times away I got a good contact to call. The call was very positive. I was then offer a week on a project in a public relations team in a very reputable company. I am excited and feel it could lead onto great things. However I have a 3 month old baby and am breastfeeding! My heard sank yesterday when I opened the mail and the contact offered me a week in the PR team but then said how does Leeds sound for you? I am based in London! I just don't see how I can travel to Leeds for a week with such a small baby apart from anything organising child care for my other two children. However after so long without work I feel this could give my career a real boost and help me with the confidence I have lost. I feel I should try to do that week but I just don't understand how I can. Should I ask the contact to wait considering the age of my baby or break my back trying to work it all out? Last chance saloon type of thing!!!!

MoJo5 Tue 23-Oct-12 07:42:14

Meant to say I networked last year but heard from the company last week.

Pourquoimoi Tue 23-Oct-12 07:45:46

I understand, networking takes ages to bring results.
They've asked the question of how Leeds sounds, can you just say that Leeds is a bit tricky can you do London? Do they have bases in both locations?

Maybetimeforachange Tue 23-Oct-12 14:28:42

If it is only for a week then I would sort your older children out by getting your DH to take holiday / work from home / arrange playdates for after school and take the baby, a load of expressed milk and a temporary nanny with you to Leeds. I appreciate that it will probably cost you a fair amount to do it but if if feel that this placement is important for your career then it is worth it.

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