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Please come and tell me about job sharing

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spotofcheerfulness Thu 11-Oct-12 14:48:00

I've applied for a job which "welcomes job sharers" - I'm looking for something part-time, so this could be just the ticket (assuming I even get an interview, etc).

Just wondering, what are the pros/cons of job sharing? And all being equal and money excepted, would it be better to work two days or three? Is it more "your job" if you work more days than your job share partner? Does the number of days you do impact your relationship with your colleagues or manager?

I am pretty flexible as to whether I want to work two or three days, but just wondered if it would make much of a difference from the actual work point of view.

FireOverBabylon Thu 11-Oct-12 15:12:15

The problem with job shares is that they have to find someone to work the other half of the job. So if you want to do mornings, they'll have to find someone willing to work afternoons. If they don't, you don't get your half of the job either. You might want to think about a question for interview regarding what days you'd work bearing this in mind.

not trying to be totally negative - my DH has a job share, also another dad with young children, and it works well for them, but they work 2.5 days each.

spotofcheerfulness Thu 11-Oct-12 21:43:30

You're right - I am hoping that so many people will be applying for this job that they'll be falling over themselves with offers to work a few days per week!

Sounds like 2.5 days would be the ideal. I'm actually very flexible regarding number of days, just wondering if I was given the choice of having the larger or smaller percentage, whether it would make any difference to the job...

Deborah42 Wed 17-Oct-12 09:50:30

The Job share project has information about job sharing

Also there is an e-petition you can sign which is to get the law changed to enable Members of Parliament to job share:

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