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Going back to work full time and very nervous

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dee1dee Tue 25-Sep-12 06:51:53

I am looking now at jobs and must say to going from full time mum to full time work scary. I wonder how my DD will do at daycare for all those hours...very nervous/guilty/worried about DD, the list of feelings long.

I'm sure other mums work full time, how do you do it and resolve those feelings. And how will my new employer really see me, should I get past interview.

We wont and dont really have grandparent help so its all down to us.

Thanks in advance for your comments

crackcrackcrak Tue 25-Sep-12 07:34:05

Have you looked at childcare options yet? I felt a lot better about going back to work when I found dd's nursery which I really liked - still do. If your dc is v little you might find a cm easier and it more flexible if you have to work shifts or commute etc. also you might be entitled to working tax credits to pay for part of the childcare.

How your employer will
See you largely depends on the industry sadly. I'm a SW - I work with mainly other women with kids who work flexi - my line manager just gets on with it and works around us but since we manage our own time it is a job that lends itself well to flexible working patterns.

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