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Help please teachet wanting part time!

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Mummy0786 Fri 21-Sep-12 12:03:44

I have worked at my secondary school for a while now and really love my job, before I went on may leave I showed no interest in going part time. However my mil who was suppose to be taking care of our little one when I go back now needs to have 2large operations and won't be able to, now I really want to look at working 3 days a week we have worked out our finance and we can afford it.
I am terrified of asking school as don't think it will go down well as I have been told by colleagues that they intend in give me more responsibilty when I return and I think it will come as a huge shock to them.
Does anyone have any advice,it would be appreciated x

2kidsintow Sat 22-Sep-12 18:11:32

TES forum. Look for someone called TheoGriff who posts advice on there (possibly on the pay and conditions thread). There are always people asking this kind of question there and he has a stock letter to follow for writing to request this kind of thing.

I love working part time and have worked 0.71 since I had my eldest, more than 11 years ago! I had no problems getting p/t but I made sure I was sure of the days and hours I was asking for and how it would work for my class before I talked to the head about it.

Good luck.

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