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chloeb2002 Tue 23-Dec-03 18:54:54

Ok so i was just sat here wondering if anyone else is in the same boat as me.... or just call me scrooge? my Dd is 15 months old and does 3 days a week with pleasure at chreche. in a room of roughly under two's. now i wrote a card for the staff, one for Dd's fav buddy ( and her mum) and a large tin of roses for the staff. all good i thought only to find an influx of cards for my Dd from every child in the room and a card lidt on the top of the cupboard!! ok so will jnr really appreciate xmas cards? my Dd loves drawing but hey not 14 xmas cards?? so i diligently went to tescos and boght yet more!!! Now like most people my Dd goes to chreceh as im out, busy student nurse so quality time is just that!! is it really essential for under twos to write cards?? so i did it but hey is the world going mad or am i cracking under too much pressure???

KaySleighBells Tue 23-Dec-03 18:56:37

No, you are not cracking. The world is going mad. I think it is totally unnecessary for 2 year olds to write each other cards. Daft !

lailag Tue 23-Dec-03 18:59:37

ds (3 y) also not giving any cards to the others, I doubt he would know the name of the other children. Did give the staff some biscuits etc.

bossybaubles Tue 23-Dec-03 19:14:46

i didn't do any for ds's (he's 2) nursery friends, just the staff. he got loads. he probably won't get any next year now!

TinselDragon Tue 23-Dec-03 21:29:56

I asked DS2 (2 3/4) who he wanted to send cards to. He came up with 3 names so that's who he sent cards to! Obviously a 15mth old isn't going to tell you who they want to sed cards to though.

chloeb2002 Fri 26-Dec-03 18:03:15

Thanks for that.... thought perhaps i should start saying bah humbug!! Next year will ask Dd who she want to send a card too good idea!

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