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interview for Dr's receptionist - help needed!

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Capabilitymom Sun 16-Sep-12 22:25:25

I have an interview next week for the post of receptionist in a busy medical practice. I'm trying to put together some questions I may be asked.
I suspect they will ask what attributes would a good receptionist need, how would I handle a stressful situation and a question geared towards assessing my idea of the importance of confidentiality.
But I can't think of any others - can anyone think of any obvious questions that I have missed.
All suggestions gratefully received!

sleepingbunnies Mon 17-Sep-12 01:29:27

They would probably ask how you would deal with a threatening / abusive patient.

What you think makes a good receptionist (people skills)

Also research the practice! How many doctors does it have? Do they had any specialities? Approx how many patients? Home visits? Clinic times etc... All just shows that you have really thought about the job and what it would entail :-)

Good luck!

Capabilitymom Mon 17-Sep-12 22:38:33

Thanks Sleepingbunnies.
Will do some research on the practice. I just dread getting asked a question that makes me panic and then the old brain freezes!
But then that's the fun of interviews.
Thanks again for the reply.

sleepingbunnies Mon 17-Sep-12 22:39:54

I hate interviews but have done a fair few of them! Luckily not planning on moving from my job any time soon! :-)

Good luck!

crazynanna Mon 17-Sep-12 22:46:59

I went for the same job earlier in the year..well not the same job as you obviously grin

They gave me scenarios'...abusive patient,phone ringing and a q of people and gp pestering for results/how would I prioritise?

I then was put in a room to do a filing task and a short questionaire.

I didn't get the job...but got a different (more suited to my skills) job a month later.

Fast forward another month,and the Surgery called me and said 1st choice found it too "fast paced" and I was 2nd choice and would I like the job!! Was gobsmacked...but stayed in the new job I had.

Good luck smile

Tiggles Tue 18-Sep-12 21:03:28

At recent job interviews as well as being asked how would 'hypothetically' I e.g. cope with an abusive client, they wanted to know about specific situations where I had actually had to deal with things and how I had done it, iyswim.
Oh, one question I struggled with "Describe a situation in your working life where things went wrong and what did you do to rectify them"
Good luck smile

JockSprockPooPongMcPlop Tue 18-Sep-12 21:21:25

I'd recommend making sure you're confident about how you would deal practically with patient confidentiality. Not just about not talking about patients to your family, but not sharing patient information to their relatives who call to ask about test results etc

That and dealing with aggressive patients - although they might send you on a conflict resolution or dealing with aggressive people type course.

Capabilitymom Thu 27-Sep-12 23:04:35

Oh well. Just a quick update - didn't get the job. Felt fairly happy with my performance at the interview and they were very friendly. So have to chalk another interview up as experience.

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