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Life coach - anyone used one or anyone work as one?

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hearts Sat 18-Mar-06 16:42:33

I am wondering whether life coaching would be good for me - feel stuck in a rut and generally unfulfilled - but not quite sure whether to invest in life coaching - sure dh will pooh-pooh it and give me a hard time if its a waste of money.....

PeachyClair Sat 18-Mar-06 16:48:17

One of my BF's is a life coach. From what I have seen of her, she'd be absollutely excellent and I know she has a lot of success. She's also had a lot of challenges in her life most people would never recover from and seems to have become stronger as a result.

See if you can find onew that is trained- my friend is, and has counselling experience. it's one of those industries in which charlatans exist.

hearts Sat 18-Mar-06 17:00:21

Hiya and thanks for that - do you know what sort of training I need to look for on their information? And is your friend taking on new people?!

PeachyClair Mon 20-Mar-06 11:01:21

If you search Angela Bown (my friend) you get on the second page a list of all life coaches accredited by that group.

CareerCoach Tue 28-Mar-06 12:40:16

Although I am a career coach I also do life coaching, if you would like a quick 30 min session to see if it is for you then let me know. It is perfect for helping people to make positive changes in their life and because of that to feel a real sense of purpose again. Anyway let me know what you think or if you would like to see my website.

hearts Thu 30-Mar-06 22:18:56

It would be great to see your website!

Pattilou Wed 24-May-06 21:56:30

hearts, are you still looking for a life coach? If so, I'm a life coach and work exclusively with mothers. Check out the small business section of the classifieds on mumsnet to see my ad and some testimonials from happy mumsnetter clients. Very happy for you to call me on 0845 838 6399. Patricia (Carswell) x

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