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Xmas present for nursery staff??

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katierocket Wed 17-Dec-03 11:44:08

just following on from 'what to by childminder for christmas' thread. Anyone got any ideas for what to buy nursery staff?

DS is in a big room at nursery and there are 7 staff, some of them are closer to him than others but I would feel mean just buying presents for just a couple of them as they all have a hand in looking after him IFYKWIM. Thought about big box of choccies/biscuits but thought they'd probably get loads of that kind of stuff.

marialuisa Wed 17-Dec-03 14:03:25

DD has moved to a school nursery this year, and there are at least 12 different teachers that she has regular contact with. When she was in her (very small) day nursery before i used to spend about 5 quid on each member of staff (6 in total). I'm afraid I chickened out and just bought a massive box of posh biscuits from M&S this year. It seemed to be pretty well received and i figured that it would be easy to divvy up! I feel embarrassed that the single card was addressed "to all the nursery staff" though, as I only know the names of about 6 teachers!

Helsbels Wed 17-Dec-03 14:06:32

I did the same - big tin of Celebrations between them! But, when DS moved from babies to toddlers bought the staff a small token present each for looking after him so well

Hulababy Wed 17-Dec-03 14:08:33

I think you do have to go with something to share when there are so many. I am sure some nice posh chocolates or biscuits would go down well. What about something nice (non alcoholic) to drink with them during their break too?

kayleigh Wed 17-Dec-03 14:19:00

What about a posh tube/jar of hand cream that they can keep in the staff room ?

Debbiethemum Wed 17-Dec-03 14:26:56

I have only three Nursery staff I have to buy for as they are the regulars for his room. So a bottle of Cava each, (less than £3 each). I don't know if you would want to do this for 7 of them though.

I did check with the Nursery Manager for the policy of booze on the premises and it was OK as long as they didn't drink it there !!!

One of his carers is a bloke so goodies from Body Shop were out.

katierocket Wed 17-Dec-03 14:29:23

hmmm maybe biccies or chocs it is then - like the hand cream idea too.

Hulababy Wed 17-Dec-03 14:31:30

I like the hand cream idea too. Or nice soap/hand wash too. MInd our nursery staff's toilet is very dark, hot and dingy. Not sure I'd want to spend much time in there.

suedonim Wed 17-Dec-03 16:13:59

I've just today bought a big wicker container planted up with hyacinth bulbs in moss, (from M&S - they have a range from 4.99 up) for the staff at dd2's school. I figured it will look and smell good in the staff room in the gloomy January days ahead and is less fattening than chocs or bics.

Bozza Wed 17-Dec-03 16:38:26

I've bought a small pack fo smellies for key worker and then chocs for all staff.

OldieMum Wed 17-Dec-03 17:11:51

Today, I gave the group (5 altogether)a big tin of 'Celebrations' for them to share (which went down well) and gave a pretty purse to the woman who looks after dd.

santafio2 Wed 17-Dec-03 17:46:43

I bought my dd's nursery teacher a chime from oxfam and some fairtrade biscuits. She works at a special school in Benegal during the school holidays and I thought she would appreciate a fair-traide gift. For the rest of the nursery staff I have bought a big tin of cookies from M&S. I have also bought the escorts that take to school some candles and the driver some chocolates. For ds's nursery I have bought nothing. He only goes 2 times a week and I just didnt think it necessary to buy anything, am I mean?

Bozza Thu 18-Dec-03 09:51:14

No I don't think so. Its different for me because DS is there 3 full days (8-5.30) a week and they do put a lot of effort in with him.

santafio2 Thu 18-Dec-03 19:01:37

sorry meant nepal, not benegal (!) bloody hell what am i on?

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