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Any nurses out there? Can I have a quick word?

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Kellamity Mon 25-Jun-12 16:40:47

I am about to do my return to practice course (Sept 2012) and between now and then I would like to get a bit of reading in as I have been out of practice for 9 year shock.

Can you recommend me a good all round journal? It always used to be either the Nursing Times or the Professional nurse and maybe a good text book for a bit of bedtime reading? I still have my Watsons!!! Any good pocket books that might come in handy for when I start work?

CarnivorousPanda Tue 17-Jul-12 08:56:35

The process consisted of one hour maths paper and short essay, then one hour actual interview and uniform measuring.

I haven't started any reading yet, but I do always look at health articles in the Guardian/telegraph/Independent. Think I need some pocket guides as well, maybe I'll buy some this weekend.

Am trying to stay in my current job, with less hours for a few months. At interview, they warned me that i may not get a job at the end of the course, what's your view, are there plenty of jobs where you are?

Kellamity Tue 17-Jul-12 11:12:09

Bloody hell! That was some interview for an RTP course!! shock

I don't want a contract at the end of the course. My youngest DD starts school Sept 2013, my plan is to be ready to go then. I'll do my RTP and then bank until Sept, I've have been told our local community hospital use plenty of bank nurses as do the community. I'm hoping I'll get a community placement so will be able to suss it all out as a "student"! smile

ggirl Tue 17-Jul-12 11:30:12

blimey that is some interview process..I didn't even have an interview!

you will get access to all the journals online through the university library e-learning account you wil get

in the meantime the bjcn is giving free downloads to this months edition good if you're interested in community nursing

Kellamity Tue 17-Jul-12 11:44:37

Fantastic thank you ggirl

CarnivorousPanda Tue 17-Jul-12 21:23:42

We were told you had to pass these tests to be allowed on the course, odd that each uni has its own admission criteria.

Anyway, I'm in a good mood as my current job seems prepared to consider some unpaid leave so I can continue working there for a while.

What bursary will you get?

Kellamity Fri 20-Jul-12 06:47:09

Orientation day today! Feeling a bit nervous, hope they don't spring a hour long maths paper on us shock

CarnivorousPanda Tue 24-Jul-12 21:48:21

kellamity how did you get on?

Kellamity Wed 25-Jul-12 19:31:25

It was brilliant! There are 9 of us, all seem very nice. Very positive and supportive vibes from the tutor. No maths assessment wink, given a uniform that fits! Looking forward to starting proper in September - in fact I can't wait!!!! smile

Rozita Thu 26-Jul-12 17:09:17

I am on the RTP course at Bucks new uni for this September, but haven’t secured my placement yet. I have to pay myself as the course is not funded.
I have been calling hospitals and nursing homes but I struggle to find a placement.
Does anyone on RTP in London?

Kellamity Thu 26-Jul-12 23:45:37

Well done Roz good luck with finding a placement. Let us know how you get on smile

Rozita Thu 02-Aug-12 14:38:06

Thank you Kellamity. I will let you know.

Kellamity Thu 02-Aug-12 14:40:10

I bought my shoes yesterday. Half price Hush Puppies!!

MattDamonIsMyLover Sun 05-Aug-12 10:18:47

What a fab thread. Good luck everyone!

CarnivorousPanda Thu 30-Aug-12 20:05:11

Just had my first day in school. It was a long day, so I'm just relaxing now.

Just wondering how everyone else is getting on?

lateSeptember1964 Sun 02-Sep-12 13:01:21

Just checking in. Glad your first day is over Carnivorous and glad it went well. Kellamity you must be near to your start date. I have an interview for my course on 18th September with first day in school 5th November. Please keep your fingers crossed. Secured two placements and think I have finally made a decision as to which one to choose. I am currently trying to read up on current changes in healthcare but because I know someone might ask me about them at interview I am in a panic and the information is not staying in!

CarnivorousPanda Mon 03-Sep-12 22:00:28

September, thought you were already in? Or am I getting confused?!

Either way, good luck with your interview and well done on getting your placements.

I wasn't asked about recent changes, more about what sort of nursing I had done and what I had done since leaving.

lateSeptember1964 Tue 04-Sep-12 12:07:44

It is confusing. I have done the induction day, secured a placement but I have this 15 minute interview. Hopefully it is a formality. Fingers crossed as it would be awful if they said afterwards that I wasn't in

GMV42 Sat 22-Sep-12 15:45:50

Hi everyone, I am just out of nursing for 3 years so need to attend an rtp course. I am from SE London and at present my local trust doesn't support placements. sad
Does anyone know any London hospitals (central or otherwise) that offer this? My local Uni does the course just need a placement. Will call the University for advice but as it's the weekend I wondered if anyone knew anything.

hotcrossbun99 Sun 23-Sep-12 16:01:18

I left nursing 12 years ago but reading this thread (and niggling thoughts about doing a RTP course) have made me do something about it. I am looking at applying, just filling in the form for University of Cumbria and am quite excited about the possibilities. I am bored to death of admin jobs and would actually love to get back to nursing even though I thought I would NEVER say that.


CarnivorousPanda Sun 23-Sep-12 16:42:23

September how did you get on?

eple Mon 24-Sep-12 10:44:52

Hi all, I'm in the process of applying for an rtp course. Haven't quite decided where yet but am considering UEA. Am a bit worried about them telling you there aren't many jobs about and the interview process. Did they help you to sort your placement out Carnivorous panda? Hope everything is going well for you. I will have to travel for over an hour to UEA and am worrying about childcare etc. All part of the process I guess...

CarnivorousPanda Mon 24-Sep-12 20:25:46

There seem to be plenty of jobs near where I live, though at my interview they did warn me about the job situation.

eple Mon 24-Sep-12 21:25:06

Thanks Carnivorous Panda, decision time tonight I think....

lateSeptember1964 Mon 24-Sep-12 22:44:31

Interview went well and appeared to be a formality although I got myself all worked up. Should have known this was the case given that it was after the induction day. So all sorted and first study day 5th November. They did say they could not guarantee a job afterwards but to be honest I didn't expect anything different as I would want one nearer to home. Epie I had to sort my own placement out and it was a matter of emailing every possibility I could think of. They did say just take anything and don't worry if its not your speciality. Good luck to all those in the process of applying. Its really quite exciting.

lateSeptember1964 Mon 24-Sep-12 22:45:32

Forgot to say that Im glad to see the thread still running as I really thought I had killed it way back on the 4th September x

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