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Anyone done the Chapterhouse proofreading course?

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bottersnike Sun 29-Jan-06 14:24:56

I'm thinking of doing their proofreading and copy-editing course. Has anyone done it?
Did you find it useful as a route into freelance work?
Thank you.

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snafu Sun 29-Jan-06 14:52:51

If you search for Chapterhouse in archived messages you'll find some useful info, bottersnike. In a nutshell, there are other proofreading courses that you'd be better off taking if you're looking to get into freelance work Chapterhouse are not a terribly well-regarded outfit, tbh...

Good luck anyway!

MissChief Wed 01-Feb-06 13:38:14

applied for this a few yrs ago and it was utter crap, tbh! Cd have put something better & more literate together myself and I know nothing about proof-reading! why not try yr local fe college?

throckenholt Wed 01-Feb-06 13:40:24

I thought about this years ago (proofreading not the specific course) - I came to the conclusion that you had to have contacts in the field to get taken on - so many people think it is a good way to work from home - and all of them could probably do it ok.

carla Wed 01-Feb-06 13:42:30

Message deleted

JanH Wed 01-Feb-06 13:52:52

SFEP was recommended in an earlier thread.

EmilyGraham Fri 04-Jul-08 14:41:23

one of my friends did a chapterhouse course about a year ago and has managed to get some work with local companies, but mainly uses the qualification as an extra on his cv - and it was picked up on in a recent interview by employers who were impressed with this. i'm surprised at the negative comments because his experience was very positive. he did a course by post, and i'm thinking of doing the same as something to do while the baby's little! i figure a chapterhouse course can only help me get back into work afterwards, and might give me some work from home until then.

ProofPerfect Wed 12-Apr-17 09:53:56

I don't recommend at all. Significant concerns.

SapphireStrange Wed 12-Apr-17 09:58:22

* I came to the conclusion that you had to have contacts in the field to get taken on*

This is true IME.

so many people think it is a good way to work from home - and all of them could probably do it ok. Yes, it's a good way to work from home, but it's not true that most people could do it OK. Experience in-house is very important, again IME. When I worked in-house I never took on freelancers who had just done a short course out of the blue. You need the qualities and experience that come from working in the field (which is hard to get into/succeed in unless you're very motivated and good).

Having said that, I'd second looking into SFEP.

ProofPerfect Wed 12-Apr-17 10:14:57

It's like so many skills, you need to do the marketing in tandem with them. But soon they start coming back and recommending you. You may not make a profit in the first year, but your client-base will soon build up.

monkeyblonde Thu 18-May-17 17:16:47

This is an area that I am looking to get into despite no direct experience. I have amazing attention to detail, and plenty of other work and study experience. Would someone be kind enough to help me with some pointers as to how I might start off this kind of career please?

ProofPerfect Thu 18-May-17 17:37:18

Strongly recommend training through the SfEP or PCT.
(Don't learn the hard way)

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