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how ?

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Dipford Wed 19-Oct-11 16:43:43

hi there
i would welcome any advice as to how you change career a bit and find a job when you are an over 40 Mum. I have one son, aged 15 months, and went back to my old job but its proving to be a mistake. I cant put the hours in, the commute is about 1 hour 15 each way, my husband has also been critically ill this year, and whilst I need to work, I only can/ want to do something closer to home, say a 30 minute commute, but dont know how to go about it. part time working in my sphere isnt really an option (it doesnt happen!) so any success stories as to how anyone went about a career change and made it all work for them would be GREAT ! Does anyone know anyone who can help with CV's ?
thank you

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