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Working while on maternity leave- advice needed please!

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Helzapoppin Mon 17-Oct-11 16:09:49

I am on maternity leave from my employer (work there two days a week normally) and I've been offered some work during my maternity leave from another employer. I am aware that I will have to sacrifice some SMP if I work. What I can't work out is whether I will lose all of the rest of my SMP if I do just one day's work for another employer (I know that I can work self employed, but I think that they would not be happy with this arrangement) as the work may just be the odd day now and again during my SMP period or would I just lose SMP for that day, week or month?

I know it's a boring question, but I can't find the answer anywhere! Thanks smile

HarrietJones Mon 17-Oct-11 16:37:40

There is the option to use Keeping in Touch days with your usual employer but I'm not sure there's an option for working for someone else

RockChick1984 Sat 22-Oct-11 22:08:39

As far as I'm aware, by going back to work (excluding KIT days with your current employer) your SMP will stop entirely. Your current employer may also expect you to come back to work as well, as you will no longer be on maternity leave.

mylittlemonkey Sun 23-Oct-11 03:56:12

I think rock chick is right, other than your KIT days with your current employer if you commence working again that could immediately end your maternity leave and cease your maternity pay. If you ring ACAS they should be able to confirm this for you.

LoveBeingAWitch Sun 23-Oct-11 04:25:08

Agree with the others, it ends your mat leave. Try posting on employment.

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