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Full time job interview but want to work p/t

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minko Wed 12-Oct-11 19:51:06

So how do I broach it?? Ideally I'd like to work 3/4 days but I am really keen to get the job and am willing to do up to 3 full days, 2 short days. By short days I mean leave at 2.30 to collect my kids from school.

I am overqualified for the job tbh, but feel that my experience means I can do an efficient job and that p/t might be possible as the work should take me less time than someone less experienced. But in business speak how do I word that??

Having been a SAHM/working from home for the last few years I am really not used to talking in business speak but I need to give the right impression. I need to talk about 'flexible hours' and 'family friendly working' or something right??

rosycheeksandasmile Wed 12-Oct-11 20:40:14

I think this entirely depends on whether it works for the company and how much they want you. I think if you think that they do really want you then you should ask if they would be open to considering the role over less hours

minko Wed 12-Oct-11 20:53:26

So you think I should evaluate how the interview is going before broaching it at all??

rosycheeksandasmile Wed 12-Oct-11 21:17:10

yes - I think so - I think if you have impressed them you may stand a better chance at negotiating this?

This is a fairly difficult area though and I am sure others will have different views

minko Wed 12-Oct-11 21:36:55

It's hard, I'd love to do it full time but would feel too guilty about putting the kids in after school club every night! I also know that I couldn't cope with full time work and still manage to run everything else at the moment...

LizzyLiz Wed 12-Oct-11 21:54:01

To be honest, I wouldn't broach it at interview (unless they ask you about hours). I'd wait and see if they offer you the job. At that stage you'll know you impressed them and they may be more open towards the idea.

If you mention it at interview it may come across as you making demands and put you in a negative light next to other potentially good candidates. If, after all the interviews, they recognise you as the strongest candidate you can strike while the iron's hot!

flowermonkey Wed 12-Oct-11 23:02:43

What's the job/industry?

I would only mention it if they offer you the job. Competition is a bit stiff at the moment and if you were dealing with my boss/HR dept I know they would be pretty pissed off if someone had applied for a full time job then asked for part time.

I think you should have requested reduced hours in your application tbh but I guess it's too late for that!

Himalaya Wed 12-Oct-11 23:16:33

Don't broach it at the interview (unless absolutely unavoidable). If they decide you are the best person for the job, then broach it at negotiation stage.

Don't know what the industry/role is, but could it be a job share? Or present them with a proposal for how to hit all your KPIs (...there you go, there's a bit of business jargon for you..) with reduced hours.

FantasticDay Wed 12-Oct-11 23:31:02

I was in a similar situation. I applied for a full-time job while on maternity leave, then negotiated a 0.8 deal (3 full days, two half days) after I was offered it. The vacancy holder sighed deeply on the phone and asked how long this would go on for, and said we would trial then review the arrangement. Once I'd started working and showed I could do a good job, he came around completely, commented how well the '0.8 thing' was working and supported my applications for advancement opportunities. Good luck!

queensusan Thu 13-Oct-11 18:56:45

Tricky one this. I have been to a couple of interviews recently for jobs that I think I'm "overqualified" for and haven't made the grade for either - full time or part time. It's very competitive out there and I certainly wouldn't mention it at interview.

My strategy now is that, if I get the job, then I will do whatever it takes to prove myself in the role full time before trying to negotiate any reduction in hours.

minko Fri 14-Oct-11 10:52:53

Oh crikey, thanks for the advice. My plan now is not to mention it at interview, just try and charm them with my skills. And supposing they want me then negotiate a 0.8 deal (I like that FantasticDay!) - otherwise I will have to walk away. I would ask them if they would be interested in employing me freelance as an alternative too...

Scarey times aren't they?! I really need to wind my neck in, I am being very complacent thinking that I am over-qualified...

queensusan Fri 14-Oct-11 13:22:20

Good luck with the interview by the way smile

LalalalalalaSummerHoliday Fri 14-Oct-11 13:44:36

Just to back up that advice to wait till they've offered you the job. One job I had was relocating, and they paid for careers consultants to advise those of us that didn't want to move. They pointed out that there's a "we love you" curve... this reaches a peak just after they have offered you the job, and starts to decline when you've started. So, after offer is the time to do any negotiating.

Also, I job-shared in my last job. That was originally a full time post, but when my colleague got it, she asked if they could make it job-share. They loved her so much, they agreed, and advertised for the other half-job which I got... so some employers are open to this sort of thing.

Good luck!

minko Fri 21-Oct-11 20:27:25

Quick update - and more advice needed!

Went for the interview and didn't mention part timing at all. It went really well, in fact it was a job that was made for me... sigh. Anyway, I was hoping for a 2nd interview, instead I got an email today saying that I have what they are looking for but what were my salary expectations. They want me to let them know and then we can 'discuss possibilities'...

Now I guess they want an email. I'd prefer to discuss face to face. TBH my priority is not my pay, it's more finding a job that works around my kids and I'd like to do 3 full days and 2 days leave at 2.30 to collect my kids from school. My youngest has only just started and he'll find after-school club hard work. It will be hard to convince them to allow this as they said the current person in the job only works till 3 every day and they need more hours... But I am very proficient and efficient and reckon I'd be OK... Maybe I offer a trial period??

Any advice very gratefully received...

RockChick1984 Sat 22-Oct-11 21:58:25

Could you email to say you are happy to discuss salary, and when would be convenient for you to go in to discuss it? Potentially, the fact they are looking at salary expectations may work to your advantage, as it will obviously save them some money to only pay you 0.8 salary rather than full time, I would personally try to play this up as being mutually advantageous. If they said they didn't feel it would work, could you either suggest working full time while training, with a view to reviewing at a later date? Or as your DC has only recently started school, see if they would consider part time at first with a view to increasing to full time once DC is more settled in at school?

minko Sun 23-Oct-11 20:29:41

Thanks Rockchick, I will email them first thing tomorrow and suggest a meeting. Am v. nervous as I feel like I have misled them by applying for a f/t job then only wanting to do 0.8...

I really am adamant that that is my best offer though. I think that me working would just be too much for my kids right now. Maybe in the future I could up it, would have to see how it's going.

minko Tue 25-Oct-11 23:02:02

News update... I have been offered the job!

Have also successfully negotiated 9.30 - 4 five days a week, so whilst my kids will have to go to after school club it will only be for just over and hour. It is more hours than I had planned on working but I am really happy and hopefully my kids will be too. Just got the holidays to worry about now...

RockChick1984 Wed 26-Oct-11 01:04:25

Congratulations!! That's fantastic news, well done smile

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