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Travelling for work when still bf?

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cherub59 Wed 12-Oct-11 14:22:03

Not sure if in the right topic....
Am back to work in a couple of weeks. Am winding down bf during the day but will still bf morning, evening and night. Ds does not like the bottle but can manage ok during the day if he has big feeds at those times mentioned.
Have a horrible feeling I will be asked to travel to new York not long after going back.

Can I refuse because of bf?

Don't want to "pump and dump"!
Ds won't take enough milk
And I know it could cause me milk supply problems.

Can I refuse? Anyone else been in this situation???

CMOTdibbler Wed 12-Oct-11 14:27:39

You could ask not to travel till ds is one (or whatever you choose) - I wouldn't do more than 2 overnights till around ds's first birthday, but continued to bf until 23 months with no problems in spite of week long trips.

cherub59 Wed 12-Oct-11 14:33:54

Thanks. Any legal rights to not travel? Ds is only 7 months....

CMOTdibbler Wed 12-Oct-11 14:41:11

I don't think you have a legal right tbh, so you just need to negotiate (is travel part of your contract ? Mines 30%, so I did need to set dates). But nows the time to think through what expectations you need to set about times you can be at work, availabilty to travel etc

cherub59 Wed 12-Oct-11 18:31:33

No not part of my contract.....

Grevling Thu 13-Oct-11 11:59:28

You could put a flexible working request in to not travel as part of your job, doesn't mean they have to agree to it just consider it.

CMOTdibbler Thu 13-Oct-11 12:48:48

If you aren't contracted to travel, then you can just gracefully turn it down. Make it sound like it is very regretful that you can't go, that you will be looking forward to meeting with the client/going to head office/whatever once ds is a little older and used to being in daycare. Otherwise you risk them thinking you never want to travel and cutting you off from opportunities

cherub59 Thu 13-Oct-11 14:56:14

Yep put like that it sounds reasonable... O have just one American client who likes to eyeball me and who doesn't like video conference! He will have to make do till I finish bf!

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