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Access Database Question

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purpleprincess Sun 09-Oct-11 15:47:12

I'm applying for a job in the training department of a university. It is a coordinator job which I feel I have the right skills for except they want 'experience of keeping accurate records and using access database'. I've had plenty of experience keeping records on Excel etc but never used Access before but how difficult can it be?

Any tips about Access or ideas of how I could relate any previous experience. they also want "experience of working in a training and development office environment" which I havent had directly although have worked in HR and worked with people in training. Why do employers have to be so specific - isn't it all about transferable skills these days?

Sorry for the mini-rant but any advice would be appreciated.


Grevling Sun 09-Oct-11 15:51:45

Experience of access can cover so much. At the basic end its entering data into forms and running pre printed reports. At its most complex end its writing sql to aggregate data from multiple sources.

I'd ask for what they mean and do some reading/practice. You can try Office 2010 free online for 60 days on the microsoft website so should be able to get some practice in.

purpleprincess Sun 09-Oct-11 15:59:59

Thanks for that info - I'll have a look. I'm just struggling as to what to put on my supporting statement! confused

piprabbit Sun 09-Oct-11 16:06:18

I taught myself to use Access, even got to the point where I write a little SQL when I needed to.

I'm assuming that they already have a database set up (rather than asking you to build one), so they might want you to do some data entry. This could be directly into a database (which looks a bit like an Excel spreadsheet) or they might have got some data entry forms set up so that you key new records into a nice user-friendly form.

You might also need to run reports, they probably have most of these set up for you already. However they may also want you to be able to tailor reports so that they contain a specific subset of data e.g. list all staff members that are trained in First Aid AND Presentation Skills.

TBH if you are confident in the use of Excel as a database, then Access is not going to give you any huge problems once you get familiar with the way it hangs together.

Grevling is right about having a free practice. You could also get a basic book, or for a similar price I think MS do some e-learning courses which only take a couple of hours.

Incroyable Sun 09-Oct-11 16:26:43

Access can be fairly complicated, but if the job is with a university then they should have a staff development programme, and you can do an Access course to brush up on your skills if you need to.

As for what to put in the application, I would say something like,you have a thorough working knowledge of microsoft excel, and would be confident in applying those skills in other microsoft programmes/software.

purpleprincess Sun 09-Oct-11 20:29:40

Thanks incroyable - that's a great tip to put on the application. I have just rememboered (well prompted by DH) that when I used to work in a school library, the system we used was obviously underpinned by a database so I can also put that in to show that I have used a database before. As the vacancy is in the training & development dept I would hope that they would be willing to send you on a course!

thanks again

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