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Full time job but want part time hours

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mammasmadhouse Tue 04-Oct-11 16:30:06

Hi All

I hope you can offer some advice.
I have seen a job advertised and am very interested however it is full time and I would prefer part time hours, ideally around 30 hours. In talking to the contact point for the post I was told that it was advertised as full time and those were the hours needed. (It is NHS - Finance) Having thought about it some more I needed some more info so rang again the first person I spoke to was on leave so I was referred to someone else who seemed more flexible and open to part time obviously depending on the candidate/interview/quals & experience so I felt a bit more positive. I have now applied and I am sure it will be a real long shot but I am just wondering what combination of hours I could suggest if I am lucky enough to get to the next stage to incorporate as many school pick ups as poss. I currently work 9.30 - 2.30 over 5 days so do all pick ups/drops and yes I know I should be grateful for the hours I work etc but I am incredibley bored in my current role. My initial idea was 2 long (7.5 hrs each) days 3 short (5 hrs) days, I am open to a few more hrs either side - the role offers flexitime as well but just wanted to see if anyone has any suggestions on what works for them in terms of getting in the most hrs possible and being able to do the school run on some of the days. I do not have any support in terms of the childcare side but one of my dd's friends is a childminder who does drop offs etc so this was an option I was considering for the long days. I know I am expecting a lot in terms of not even being short listed yet but any advice would be good for future posts and I guess I am tring to justify doing this in terms of my dd and the guilt I feel in considering this and changing our current routine.

Thank you in advance for reading this!!

minko Wed 05-Oct-11 19:26:16

I figure it's got to be worth a try... I am doing the same at the moment - applying for full time jobs in the hope that I could go part time. You never know, this might suit them quite well. I'm not sure at what stage you tell them your part time plans though...? Sounds like you would be almost full time anyway!

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