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Do I just give up??

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avecmum Thu 29-Sep-11 11:07:41

I am totally new to Mumsnet, I love the way it can link so many Mums together. I am a mum to 3 children, my eldest has just gone off to University last week which is absolutelly fine he is happy, my middle child has just gone off to college and my daughter who is at school has an attitude for the whole house hold!!! I have always worked although part time really since having the kids but I am desperate to pursue what i have never had time to up to now due to looking after everyone, being a taxi service and looking after all our pets (which the children wanted) chickens, dog, and rabbit.
I feel like if I dont do it now I never will but sometimes you just get so down when you dont see people all day, cleaning etc and you totally and loose your drive. I have an IT background but never got into web design I have looked at different courses but nothing has ever been run in my rural area. I looked at Open University but my husband and parents weren't overly happy saying 'more education'!!!!
Recently i have got into WordPress and have set up several sites and edited photos to upload for myself and others. I have a general resonable understanding of IT but dont have a clue when SEO, hosting and other technical wording is used. I have found WordPress courses in a City not too far away which would cost about £400. AHHH just feel like i am going mad do i give up this dream all together. I hate to say but I am now over 40 hence now or never. Anyone else in similar position ??

Conundrumish Thu 29-Sep-11 21:31:21

Go for it - you have to. It's OK your husband saying 'more education!' when it's his career I suspect you have been supporting all these years.

On your death bed, will you regret doing it or not doing it? I so empathise with 'but sometimes you just get so down when you dont see people all day, cleaning etc and you totally and loose your drive'. If you are anything like me, you will fit in the cleaning and rubbish jobs twice as easily once you have some deadlines and something you are interested in to focus on. I'm sure your house won't suffer and your family will benefit from a more positive you.

fivegomadindorset Thu 29-Sep-11 21:36:49

Do it, you are the same age as me and I am ploughing througgh bookeeping qulaifications and enjoying it, do something for you for a change.

avecmum Thu 06-Oct-11 10:57:44

Hi, thank you for your supportive words I feel driven just reading them. I am going to try and prioritise things more and plan ahead. I have always worked fulltime and then part time when the kids were small. I did an upholstery nightclass and my Mum had the children for me and I gained a HNC in Upholstery. So I know a bit were my husband is coming from upholstery is ok but I found over the years (doing work for friends and family) you don't really get paid for the hours you spend doing the work. My aim is to learm more about the web and wordpress create a blog and try and inspire people to cover pieces of their own with a little help from my blog. Its absolutelly amazing and i love it when you cover a chair and put the finished chair in a room it can change the look of the room. I know what I am like though I am going to have to hold off upholstering for other people until I get my prices set (or decide if i want to do this at all) and work on my blog and learning wordpress and hopefully this will lead to creating other wordpress sites for other people which hopefully will be more productive and I will feel better in myself. I know i will regret not taking the time to learn more about the web and wordpress and i will always be thinking what could i have done.. Thank u smile

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