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In search of The Holy Grail I think, working from home jobs?

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ConstanceNoring Thu 29-Sep-11 10:40:47

Youngest DS has just started school so it's time for me to start earning again.

Of course I really want to work from home but I really cannot do sales.

I've seen ads on 'working mums' for online market research, - anyone got any experience of this? can you really make it pay?

I would also be willing to do distribution for catalogues/kleeneezee type thing.

I think I would like to do proof reading but don't know enough about how to get into this, have no experience - do you have to know about the subject matter or just be able to pick up spelling & grammatical type mistakes?

Any help from wise experienced homeworkers would very much appreciated.


WendyMc Thu 29-Sep-11 18:40:03

I know how you feel, I'm at home with my youngest and wasn't at all sure what to do. I'm an IT consultant (ex) and I certainly didn't want to go back to a full time office job and leave my children all day with someone else.

A friend introduced me to an amazing company and now I work flexible hours from home and have the family life I always dreamed of. The sky's the limit really.....

I'd say to anyone find a successful and established network marketing company who have a proven track record and a great product. Do your research, buy the product and try it, if you don't like it move on.....check out the training and support, if they have the Investors in People award then this is a great start... look at how you get paid, will it give you an income even when you're not working and a residual (pension-style) income ?

Speak to other people in the company and listen to how they got started....then just go for it.......what have you got to lose ???? You will look back and wonder why no-one ever explained network marketing to you before!!

sammy987 Fri 07-Oct-11 09:21:59


I think you'll be hard pressed to find any decent homebased jobs if you don't have I.T skills or the desire to sell/chat over the phone. I was in a similar position to you looking for for a decent homebased job. I sent off my CV to a number of companies and the response varied between jobs that earn you £2.00 an hour through to commission jobs that were bordering on being a scam. I finally found a company that I work for booking appointments for a salesperson who pays me based on the number of appointments I book for her.

I work around 3 hours per day which I can fit in around my daughter and now manage a few other people who are in similar circumstances. The job wasn't advertised. I'd given up on applying to jobs posted on the internet and instead did some research on companies that I thought I could offer some value to, contacted them and made a proposition. Eight months on I now manage and recruit home based telesales team which the company hadn't even thought about until I spoke with them.

What I will say is that the majority of decent home based positions will be in sales so reconsider not wanting to do that role as not all jobs involve selling windows to old ladies and most people with half a brain can pick it up

If you need any advice then feel free to get in touch

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