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Day 3 back at work

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mummytasha11 Wed 28-Sep-11 19:42:00

Hi everyone

I am on day 3 of being back at work, my ds is 8.5 months and spends mon/tues with my mum wed/thurs with MIL and fri with my nanna. I have gone back part time 1pm till 5pm...
Now I know I'm probably just being silly but mon/tues went great at my mums however today I asked my partners mum how the day went and she said ok but he only slept for 20 mins....she took him out and his sleep was disturbed...
Ive got him into a really good routine and really don't want it all to go down the pan and she said oh tomorrow we are going visiting a relative
Am I being unreasonable to not want her to be parading my son round peoples houses??
Maybe feeling a little emotional and tired so go easy on me 

An0therName Wed 28-Sep-11 21:09:22

that is a bit of the downside of relatives looking after DCs , and I think if someone is looking after your DC you can't dictate that much where they take them
but I would ask her to let him have his nap before taking him out -

matana Fri 30-Sep-11 15:04:55

I think if they've committed time to look after your LO on a regular basis it's a bit unreasonable to expect them not to make arrangements. If your LO was at a nursery or CM he would have to be a bit less rigid with his routine to fit with the CM and other children. I sympathise because there are days when my DS comes home from his CM knackered because he hasn't napped for long, but really you just have to adapt a bit and try to minimise the disruption. Perhaps you can assess it given a bit more time to ascertain exactly how much it's happening. It's all new to them at the moment so they're going to want to 'show him off'. The novelty could well wear off over time, giving your DS more of a chance to return to his routine. If, after a while, it's still happening on a regular basis you could talk to them and just explain that your DS is very tired when you get to see him and if at all possible can they try to plan their day to allow him time to nap properly.

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