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Now you are back at work what do you wish you had done over Mat leave?

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planetpotty Tue 27-Sep-11 14:30:52

I am very lucky and am able to take a years Mat leave with my DD 6mth and my DS is two so loving the time im able to have with them smile

Buuuuttt with 6 mths to go Im picturing myself back at work and thinking god I wish I had done x, y, z or not done so much cleaning x, y, z.

Hoping hearing things you wish you had or had not done could help me....also things you're glad you did would be brilliant to.... Thanks in advance smile

cjbartlett Tue 27-Sep-11 14:33:12

Mine were mostly practical things like wishing I'd started bottles earlier so that I wasn't quite so terrified my five month old would starve as he hadn't taken a bottle

And getting used to the nursery/ work run and getting out of the house

But I only went back part time so still had days to do fun stuff with the dcs

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