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going from part to full time

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EttiKetti Sun 25-Sep-11 07:37:29

Not strictly speaking going back to work, so hope its ok to post here and that I get some replies!

I've not worked ft for 9 years, youngest children are 6&9. A job has come up at my workplace that I've been asked to apply for, its not a done deal but a very high chance I'll get It. Regardless, I need to consider my options.

There's breakfast club at school and an out of school club that collects from the school and runs through the holidays. I get 41 days leave a year inc bank hols, so very generous.

But Its the mummy guilt that I'll never be at the school gate. Playdates probably won't happen, they're rarely ill, but What If.....

We have no family close to help, and I wonder if I'm being selfish unrealistic to think I could do this? DH works 830-5 locally but its not flexible really.

I've done the job before and loved it more than any I've done, I'm utterly bored and have been for a year in my current role.

So undecided, some straight talking and/or encouragement would be great!

chibi Sun 25-Sep-11 07:44:21

Go for it. Your children will be old enough to have friends they can see at weekends without you needing to organise it for them, and also old enough that you will still have time with them in the evenings before they go to bed.

I don't think you ought to feel guilty at all; i doubt they feel agrieved at your dh for never doing school gate guff, and it will very rapidly become the way things are.

It sounds like an amazing opportunity, go for it!

EttiKetti Sun 25-Sep-11 08:31:04

Oh gosh, you're so encouraging that in one reply, you've made me feel a bit better grin fwiw, DS does moan about DH never being at school, grin, but he's a soppy wee thing, he will grow out of it grin

Thank you!!

Flyonthewindscreen Sun 25-Sep-11 12:07:54

Sounds like too good an opportunity to miss. And with that amount of leave you could take some random afternoons off so you could be at the schoolgates and the DC could have friends for playdates then?

EttiKetti Sun 25-Sep-11 18:01:54

Oh hadn't thought of that....right, nothing to lose, I'm applying!! Not I still need to sell myself on.the form though....worst part!!

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