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Disastrous telephone conversation

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beautifulswan Tue 20-Sep-11 11:10:11

Yesterday my mobile rang from an unknown no., I answered and had a very awkward conversation with a lady from an employment agency. She had seen my CV online and wanted to chat to me about jobs. This is great as I am desperate for a job but I didn't really have much to say when she asked what I'd been doing for the last 18months, since my last job. I have simply been looking for a job but have not got one. This sounds awful and she wasn't impressed. Needless to say the conversation was strained, I sounded desperate and basically by the end of the call she was saying she didn't have anything suitable for me.

Later, I checked my Email and saw an unopened email from this lady which she had sent before phoning me. She said she had been impressed with my CV online and was keen to talk to me about a job which she urgently needs to fill which is well paid and local to me. Imagine my disappointment when I realised I'd fluffed it.

I didn't tell her at any point I am a mother as didn't think it relevant, but am now wondering if I should call back or email explaining myself a bit better? She had caught me offgaurd and I was totally useless. How can you make 18 months of nothing sound good? What could I say? I really want the job!

Thistledew Tue 20-Sep-11 11:12:52

Get your thoughts together. Call her back. What have you got to lose? Good luck!

UrsulaWoleffay Tue 20-Sep-11 11:15:50

You haven't been doing nothing you've been at home with your child, perfectly understandable career break! Tell her you were caught on the hop and are interested. GL!

TheRealTillyMinto Tue 20-Sep-11 15:55:46

what thistledew said "Get your thoughts together. Call her back. What have you got to lose? Good luck!"

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