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Pre-school wobble - help please?

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SalmeMurrikAgain Wed 14-Sep-11 12:18:56

X-posted from Pre-School Education board. Sorry, if not 100% on-topic.

I feel a bit embarrassed posting about this as I know everyone goes through it, but any feedback would be greatly appreciated:

DS is 3 years 2 months old and has just started pre-school 5 afternoons per week. He is an only child and prior to this was at home f/t with DH, therefore although he is a sociable child he is also quite shy and has had limited contact with other children. It is very early days, but he is getting upset when DH leaves him at preschool and saying that he doesn't want to go (seems ok on pickup thus far).

We are hoping he will settle and will stick with it, but I am conscious that 0-15 hrs p.w. is quite a big jump, and he is one of the youngest children in a group of 12-15. DH really has to go back to work p/t in March (we run out of money every month on my wage alone), but I was wondering whether, if he doesn't settle by, say, end of this term, whether dropping to 3 days p.w. might be an option, then building back up in time for DH to return to work? Or is this just postponing the inevitable unnecessarily?

Any similar experiences and opinions welcome. Thanks.

An0therName Wed 14-Sep-11 15:44:31

Have a word with the pre-school - I am not sure that 3 days a week is going to make a massive difference - and check with the staff how quickly he settled - if its a few minutes don't worry over much
and it really early days

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