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Need help with part of my cv please

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WhoWhoWhoWho Wed 14-Sep-11 11:49:20

I am updating my CV as I'd love to return to work part time somehow now DS is getting older and is settled in MS school.

I need to put in a small mention of my break in paid employment (2 years). I had to quit working and focus on my son has has autism. While I've not been in paid employment I have done lots of relevant courses (my background is childcare) to keep me up to date so have put these on CV obviously.

I need to write a sentence that states perhaps why I've not been working, what I've done, and that I want to return to work. Any ideas anyone on what I could put would be really helpful. smile

Mummawummadooda Wed 14-Sep-11 12:38:55


How about something like;

For the last 24mths I have focused on developing my family life. Coincidentally this led to me covering new areas of child development and expanding my professional experience. I am now additionally qualified/certified/practically able to work with autistic children of abc age/development. I am keen to bring these additional skills into my professional life and offer assistance to those in need whilst achieving my ambition of a long term work/life balance.

I have tried to be a bit foggy as to why you have skills in autism as I have no idea how your prospective employers might view this additional considerable experience you obviously have - Im sure you know your area better to know how to phrase that!

Also its a bit heavy on the business waffle might want to tone that down too!

Its often easier to write something though when you have something to correct so get out the red pen and re-write away! :0)

WhoWhoWhoWho Wed 14-Sep-11 13:51:30

Hi thanks so much for replying, that sounds just like I was trying very hard to think up! You are right, it's the starting something from scratch isn't it! I love the 'long term work/life balance'. TBH I do miss going to work, I don't regret quitting work to focus on DS as I have achieved a lot and he's come on really well but it would be nice to have something in my life that's about ME. blush

I am always upfront about my son's autism. I could have had a job I was interviewed for a few months ago but only as a full timer, which I cannot do. I was sad but at least I know I am not viewed as unemployable IYSWIM. A lot of childcare places are looking for people trained in things like SEN or child protection say, it's always an asset to have a little extra training isn't it for any job. Luckily for me the courses I've done should benefit me personally as well as professionally. smile

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