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eek 6 months already, have to go back mixed feelings.

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yummytummy Tue 13-Sep-11 19:56:03

hiya, have been home with dd for a while now. at beg of mat leave really struggled and missed work, but now time almost here and have to return am not as keen. i think as shes become more settled and responsive its more fun and harder to leave her!

have asked work if can delay start date but they said no as cant have cover for such a short time without making it more permanent for the replacement. i think if i do want to go back to same thing has to be when we agreed.

it is only 2 days and mum in law will have dd and also not far so thats good but i just wish could have been just at home a bit longer. also worried as she has been pretty much ebf so i guess will have to express? am worried she wont feed as well.

just feel confused as on other hand will be so nice to have mental stimulation, a lunchbreak, cups of coffee etc and a routine.

any thoughts? have others gone back and been okay?

downpipe Wed 14-Sep-11 14:20:09

I went back a bit later,at 7 months, but also only for 2 days per week.I had EBF until then and it forced me to switch to formula and bottles but as it co-incided with weaning it made me feel slightly happier about it as DSs diet was becoming varied anyway.At this age babies are very adaptable and DS settled really well with the childminder.Some of my friends went back later at 10-11 months and had much bigger issues with separation anxiety as their babies were so much more aware of what was going on.If you look at it the other way, you are still spending 5 days a week with your DD so are going to be spending much more time as a hands-on mum than as a working mum yet still have the advantages that you have highlighted of being at work.It's natural to feel sad but DD will be fine.

yummytummy Wed 14-Sep-11 19:00:40

thanks downpipe, it helps to think that 5 days will still be with dd. also helps to hear of separation anxiety etc. did u feel u settled back into work fairly quickly then? cant help but worry!

downpipe Wed 14-Sep-11 21:12:09

I did settle back into work quite quickly, it is surprising how much you remember after a break like that.Only thing is I felt less inclined to work late or stay longer as had to leave on time for childcare pick-up but it makes you plan your day properly so you can leave on time.I was tired at the beginning as DS wasn't sleeping through but at about 8 months that got better and I felt less zombie like.Working 2 days means that you can cope with the tiredness though as it's never very long before you are at home for the day again so it will be fine, don't worry

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