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jollymollie Mon 12-Sep-11 09:38:06

I would like to apply for a job I have just seen advertised but my CV looks awful! I have worked on and off since the children were born 8 years ago but have always left due to problems with childcare. DH has had many different jobs with varying hours and we have no family at all so no-one to help out in holidays etc. I left my previous job in May as dh was having to take so much time off for childcare (he is self-employed and I am a low wage earner so it made more sense for me to be at home). Thing is I don't want to keep putting 'child care problems' as my reason for leaving at least 3 jobs which i held for roughly a year each. I look completely unreliable! This job i'm interested in would be perfect and now that both dc's are at school with a new holiday club just opened on the site I shouldn't encounter any further problems. What would you put as a reason for leaving the other jobs?

chocolaterainbow Mon 12-Sep-11 09:40:14

Don't put a 'reason for leaving' category....?

StuckUpTheFarawayTree Mon 12-Sep-11 09:41:37

I have never put reasons for leaving on my cv. Just where I worked, the position, dates and brief description - with achievements if possible.

gapants Mon 12-Sep-11 09:44:11

Yes do not disclose that information unless you are asked, and then at interview you can fudge it and say-- the contract came to an end, there were conflicts with childcare, if you do say this then you can then back it up with letting them know how perfect this role would be, how your children are at school now, so the childcare issue is no longer a problem etc.

Also, on your CV you should keep it to 2 sides, and just have your most relevant/recent experience, so go back about 5 years. You can have a note that says "full chronological CV on request"

jollymollie Mon 12-Sep-11 09:47:40

oh thank you for the advice. I have always put 'reason for leaving' on my CV. I obviously don't want to put them off before I get to the interview stage, at least then I'll have more of a chance to explain. I also usually go back a lot longer than five years and that doesn't make me look great with so many jobs! I'll start compiling a new version now smile

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