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8 year career break, new quals - what (NGO) job might I be able to get?

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neverknowinglyunderdressed Sat 10-Sep-11 18:52:35

Ideally I would like to be a policy advisor for an NGO like Oxfam or Actionaid, before kids I was in PR (so transferable skills), 8 years off as SAHM to twins, during which time I built an eco house into a hillside and am about to finish MSc (international development). Not keen on admin type jobs (not very good at admin!), don't have the experience for the policy advisor job, - what should I be looking at? Am late 30's - would interning help or am I too old for that?

Grevling Mon 12-Sep-11 10:35:55

Try a smaller charity and work your way up. You also need to focus on the area that you want to advise on and get some experience in this area.

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