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Do I leave my low-paid job?

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ladybirdsinmyeyes Tue 06-Sep-11 23:18:39

I think I'm about to make a big decision. I am due back at work in two months, with second child (I went back after first). I earn so little that I will barely make any money after childcare, but my husbands work has just got slightly better (although I know nothing is cast in stone at the mo). After doing some sums today I realised I was going to be going back to a low-paid job I have (and had before leaving) begun to dread, making my four year old do 2 days of after school club on top of a tiring week and leaving my baby before I feel she's ready, and haring on my bicycle between work, school and childcare all for £50 a week after costs of care and clubs. So I spelt this out to my husband and he said leave (the job that is, yikes). It's all so topsy turvy, I'm sure I can make/save £50, the point is that wasn't even enough anyway. Does anyone want to talk me out of it? It's a slightly specialised arty job but I won't miss it, there is little love lost between the whipped workers and the managers.

An0therName Wed 07-Sep-11 08:41:22

short term it makes total sense of course -

Long term - hmm - it can be a struggle to get a family friendly role -
when would you plan to go back to work
what would happen if your DH lost his job
it can change the family dynamics quite a bit when you are not earning
and being SAHM is different from being on mat leave

not saying either way just pointing out things to consider

ladybirdsinmyeyes Wed 07-Sep-11 10:04:14

Yes, all very good points, thank you. I suppose regarding DH we have talked a lot about moving to a cheaper house and area anyway so if he lost his job we know pretty much what we would do. I couldn't earn enough to cover costs here anyway, it would just be 'take it out of the house and start again'. He's not committed to his job but it's the most financially stable he's felt for a while. But we both want to do other things, and I would hope to earn some money on a self-employed basis. I like the nursery my son went to, but I would rather start her a bit later and more slowly. Part of my husband's reaction is that he's angry my boss pays so little for what I do, whilst also wanting my leaving to be part of changing how we do things i.e. starting a business together. So he's not pretending we don't need the money in the long term, but I don't think either of us see the long term being with my employer. But you are right about it being quite family friendly.

AnnaEngland1 Thu 15-Sep-11 08:08:22

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

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