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sessional tutoring

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cakeandcustard Tue 06-Sep-11 13:22:23

I need a bit of advice, I'm currently a SAHM (for past 3 years) but I'm actively searching for work, I'm a qualified teacher. I've been offered a job as a sessional tutor however ...

a) it would mean taking DS2 out of the school based nursery (we like) which he's due to start next month and putting him in a private nursery (not so nice) to cover the hours I'll work. DS1 will need after school care 2 days a week.

b) sessional work only covers 30 weeks a year and nursery contracts are for 52 which means that I'll make approx £300 per year after fees.

c) they can't guarantee work past December as they only offer contracts for 1 term however I think probably they keep tutors on for the year.

It doesn't seem worth the hassle but I am desperate to get back to work for my sanity and this is the only concrete, low hours job offer I've been able to get in 6 months looking. Would a childminder be a better idea than a nursery, are they more likely to only do term time? Please don't slate me, the hurdles to get back to work at this point seem insurmountable.

mathsgeek Tue 06-Sep-11 22:02:24

Given what you've said, I probably wouldn't go for it- based on the one term thing and the upheaving of childcare more than anything. I'm also looking to return to teaching and have had a longer break than you and the going is tough. I have accepted that I may not make any money at first but I'm less willing to mess around with childcare. We also have the school nursery situation but I would prefer to stick with that and pay a CM full time than receive the funding for a private nursery. Our problem is finding a CM willing to pick up. But congrats on being offered a job- shows you are still in demand.

BranchingOut Wed 07-Sep-11 15:45:21

I would leave your child in the school-based nursery and look for someone to pick him up on those days. Maybe view it as a short-term issue eg. a few terms of someone to drop off and collect, then he will be in school.

Also a teacher and agree that it isn't easy at present.

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