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Job Centre Plus - Question - Anxious

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Tanya2011 Sun 04-Sep-11 12:42:12

Hello. I am suffering from anxiety issues due to recent events mainly at former place of work where a new boss backstabbed me.

I have been to Job Centre Plus and had another signing on the other day. It was in the upstairs part of the centre. I got nervous and told the person that I got rejected for a position recently. He told me that it had not been that long anyway, just a few weeks of signing on, but I corrected him that it has been months and I only just got round to signing on for benefits as savings levels had been depleted.

Anyway, I told him that the person I usually see was away on holiday so I was booked in to see him instead. When the meeting ended he told me would book me in with someone downstairs next time and then I would be upstairs again after that.

I came away feeling nervous and that my explanation of the rejection and how long I'd been off work for was inappropriate. It's got to me and I am anxious. Is there any relevance in having a meeting "downstairs" in a job centre? Then he told me it would be upstairs again after that. Is there any relevance in this? Downstairs, upstairs? Maybe its just something if you work in the job centre ie its important to them in some way, but I came away feeling as though because of what I said made him book me in next time "downstairs". Does anyone know if there is some relevance to being booked in downstairs or upstairs in a job centre?

These things would usually just go over my head but not at the moment.


GeneralDreedlesNurse Sun 04-Sep-11 14:43:03

No relevance whatsoever - there is nothing to worry about. The person you saw should have explained better but you should also have asked for a better explanation. After 13 weeks people ahve to attend weekly for 6 weeks and get more intensive jobsearch help - possibly this is what is goung to happen. Alternatively he may have made you an appointment woth a Disability EmploymentAdvisor (DEA) who will help you look for work taking n to account your health issues.

There should be a telephone number on your ES40JCP card - call it on Monday and ask for an explanation. There is nothing to worry about - promise.

Tanya2011 Sun 04-Sep-11 16:03:33

Thank you GDN!

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