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Paediatric Health care assistant interview

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MegGriffin Sat 03-Sep-11 15:00:52

Hello. I have been very fortunate and I have been shortlisted for an interview for the above position. Can anyone give me any hints and tips or information that might help me. I would be so grateful. TIA

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MegGriffin Sun 04-Sep-11 17:41:32


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leicestershiregirl Mon 05-Sep-11 14:23:50

I work as an adult HCA and guess you will be asked some of the things I was asked in my interview, like why do you want to be a HCA?

How do you feel about dealing with wee, poo, blood, vomit etc.?

How would you cope if you had a bad shift e.g. saw something upsetting? (I said if I was really upset I'd go talk it over with the hospital chaplain (who happens to be a family friend), they seemed to like that).

What does being a HCA involve? Seriously, you'd be surprised how many people apply for HCA jobs having no idea. Answer: feeding, dressing, toileting (including changing incontinence pads (lots of people are incontinent when they're seriously ill), emptying catheter and colostomy bags and putting people on bedpans), bathing, observing vital signs (blood pressure, pulse, respiration rate, temperature, oxygen levels, blood sugar), filling in nursing documentation, cleaning, making beds, repositioning people in bed (can involve rolling, (gently) dragging and hoisting - it's hard physical work, with bedbound adults anyway). You may also be trained to take blood or insert cannulas.

How would you maintain patient confidentiality?

A big part of paediatric nursing is supporting/reassuring the family so I bet you'll be asked about that.

MegGriffin Mon 05-Sep-11 15:22:32

Thank you so much for your answer leistershire girl. I appreciate your reply and it has given me food for thought.
I currently work in a pre-school so am used to dealing with with poo,wee, vomit, nappies, blood etc. I think my current position dealing with both the parents and children has helped me secure the interview to be honest as there are a lot of similarities in the skills required.
I think I need to give some thought to how I would feel/deal with it if a child died. That has to be the worst possible part of the job sad
I really want this job so I just want to give it my best shot although I, like many people, am terrified of interviews.
BTW, do you enjoy your job?

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leicestershiregirl Mon 05-Sep-11 22:40:47

Depending on the type of ward you may not come across death that much. I've been in post for 9 months and though a few patients have died in that time it's been when I've been off-duty. I had a chat to another HCA tonight, she's been there 3 years but has only had to perform last offices three times.

I think there are interview tips on the Royal College of Nursing's website.

To be completely honest I have mixed feelings about my job. But a lot of the negative feelings are due to factors unique to the area I work in, and to the fact that I'm now absolutely sure nursing is not my vocation. Children's nursing is completely different to adult nursing and if you enjoy childcare I'm sure you'd like it.

They may also ask you how you'd cope with night shifts, if that's relevant.

Good luck, let us know how you get on.

ggirl Mon 05-Sep-11 22:48:42

They may ask you how you would deal with a situation you don't feel confident in handling or that you had never done before.
ALWAYS answer that you would never go ahead and do something you didn't feel competent to do without the proper training. They will be looking for someone that is safe and not about to do tasks she isn't trained to do.
They may ask you about how you would cope with upsetting situations or stress on the job.
What have you got to bring to the job , skills /personality enthusiasm etc?
They want someone who works well in a team , so think of eg of that.
Confidence , enthusiasim and a bit of knowledge of the job . Read up on the ward , what type of patients do they have etc.
Go for a visit to look around before the interview that always goes down very well with them.

MegGriffin Tue 06-Sep-11 11:32:22

Thanks again leicestershiregirl and ggirl.
I currently work term time and I know most people would bite my arm off for my job but i have a long term desire to work with children in a hospital setting. (of course I may get the job and find I hate it!) I have always fancied being a play assistant/specialist in the future but jobs are few and far between (as are the paed HCA jobs, it seems).
If I get the job, it may turn out it is not for me but I have a real desire to find out before I get too old.
I am working so I don't think I can get over there for a visit unfortunately.

Oh well whatever will be, will be.

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Jossy122 Sun 29-Oct-17 07:24:15

Hi I know this thread was a long time ago. I have an interview for a paediatric hca position and I was wondering if you could give me some advice for the questions that I could get asked in the interview?

Shellb06 Sat 02-Dec-17 10:57:10

Hi Jossy122

I have an interview for the same role on Friday how did your interview go? What were the hours like?

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