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Career versus family life

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forevermore Wed 31-Aug-11 02:10:51

I hbe a dilemma. I have been back to work fir a year now and have been asked to take on a new high profile project next year. I was asked to start one early thus year but said I couldn't as my children are still very young and demanding and I didn't thinking could deliver. Just as well because we had norovirus type bugs all winter and I had to take a lot of time off. Now I am already thinking that it's still tok soon and would hbe to bring this up sooner or later. Do I stay in my current position which I am still learning loads but know the worstbit can throw and me. Or step into the unknown which will potentially boost my career but may throw me up in the air as I will have lots to learn and MAY have longer hours - or I may take to new role like a duck to water / prefer the scope of the work AND boost my career. My current position can be challenging but I have kind if gotten into a routine and learnt hoe to ride the waves as they come and I guess I am scared that I could sink if I try a different course. I am the only one at work with children out of the women and young ones to boot so can't even relate to hoe others have handled the challenge in the past. I also have just negotiated great flexible working and just not sure if this will work in new role. But again it might and I may be in a flap about nothing. But too scared to take the chance. My colleagues think I am mad to be padding up these opportunities. But again they havent been in my shoes and I find it hard to explai that just keeping my role going( full time post-doctoral scientist) with a 2 &6 year old and actually seeing an enjoying my children (spending quality time) is a major achievement for me and may just be enough - and I'm not just bring lazy/unambitioussad

Honest opinions pls.

forevermore Wed 31-Aug-11 02:13:03

Sorry for spelling mistakesblush

chutneypig Wed 31-Aug-11 06:59:57

Are you on a fixed term contract at the moment?

An0therName Wed 31-Aug-11 09:07:33

is there a women's network at your organisation - I think you could value talking it over with someone - probably although not necesserilly a women who knows the organisation but is not your line manager - eg a mentor - can you think of someone?or the women's network might be a place to find someone
But if you have flexiable working in place and you can use it in the new role then it may be daft to pass up on the oppertunitiy -your manager clearly rates you and you are doing a good job

mrsallright Wed 31-Aug-11 15:43:18

Sometimes work goes alot quicker if you are busy and stretched, and treading water can make it seem like a longer day. I would say it depends on your financial situation really, and what the promotion would mean in real terms, sometimes after tax it doesn't add up to much. Totally get that you need to save some brain space for your family. My husband is an absolutely marvelous stay at home dad but I still need to get involved with all the decisions about things like potty training, changes etc. Also childcare is tiring and you need to allow some space for you...
On the flip side, life moves on and children need things like university fees/wedding funds, and will ask for more expensive gifts as they get older? My dream would be to find a job that pays more so I could reduce my hours!

whatsfordinnerthen Thu 01-Sep-11 19:02:50

I think if you are happy with your current job then follow your instinct and stay with that. I really believe time with your children at this stage is really important - after all you wont get that time back. Plus you need to seriously consider whether the extra stress will be worth it. Don't put too much pressure on yourself.

I have got stressed in the past about getting into a career but now I just think it can wait until I am ready for it

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