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Going back to work FT - tips for maximising weekday time with DD

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cbhk Sun 28-Aug-11 17:32:08

I am shortly going back to work full time and leaving DD (13 weeks old) at home with a lovely lady who will be looking after her. Like many other Mumsnetters have already mentioned, I am dreading the return, mainly because i have a long work day (part time or flexible working not an option) and i'm worrying that i am not going to be around much to help DD learn about the world/develop and that we'll lose the closeness we've had since she was born. But needs must and I have to go back. I was wondering if any Mumsnetters had any tips for maximising the weekday time spent with her? I am planning to breastfeed her before and straight after work, get up an hour early so I can read to her, sing songs with her (poor kid!), generally play together and I am going to try to use annual leave to take a few half days so i can go with her to the odd playgroup sessions in a few months' time. Is there anything else you guys have found helps maximise the weekday time available? I suspect DD will be fine, will accept the new reality without any problems and it's Mummy that actually needs the closeness but any thoughts would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

cherub59 Mon 29-Aug-11 15:35:38

I will shortly be going back to work ft after ds3 who will be 8 months. It's always hard but there are ways to get more time with dcs.

I have to leave at 7.45am so I shower at night and lay clothes out whilst they are asleep so in the morning we can snuggle in bed and play Lego etc.

Try to work from home one day a week soupy can do nursery runs/lunch time etc

At night dh and I eat after the kids go to bed so we can spend fun time with them for bath and bedtime when home from work. We eat late but get more time with kids.

LCarbury Sun 04-Sep-11 16:43:06

Odds are your daughter will start waking at 5 (if she doesn't already) and so you will have some time in the morning to cuddle etc. Alternatively, she might start taking longer afternoon naps so that you have longer than you think in the evening. Also, at this age, I co-slept with my baby and we both found this comforting, although I appreciate it's not for everyone.

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