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school admin job help!!!

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oldbadger Sat 27-Aug-11 07:54:48

school admin job help!!!
Hi I have an interview for a school admin job, I have volunteered at the school recently and know a bit about it. In my life before children I used to manage student admin systems so I feel I have a good knowledge about the fundamental processes. However, my problem is that I haven't had a job interview for 7 years so I am extremely nervous and am not feeling very confident. I have started preparing some of the answers to the standard job interview questions but wanted to know if anyone has first hand experience of a similar interview situation. Also what questions did you ask them at the end I am struggling to think of any as I have an hours work trial the day before and feel alot of questions might already be answered. Would it be silly to ask in the interview "What is the running order of the day", "Is there any training provided


23balloons Sat 27-Aug-11 15:52:04

I've been to a few. i would have a look on their website & see if they have any policies listed & read through them eg. health & safety, data protection, safeguarding etc. They often ask things like "if a child approached you with a problem (eg. possible abuse) & asked you not to tell anybody else, what would you do?"

Never offer to keep the info to yourself, ask only open ended questions, make notes after child has gone & report it to the Child Protection Officer.

You could ask about training, who recently performed the role & where did they go (but having already worked there you may already know a lot of answers)


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